Newly Available Artwork at kDesignationz!

San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, nature photography, manmade waterfalls, water photography

The waterfall in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, graphically speaking! – K’lee L.

This is an update rather than a new post. It’s really just to let any interested in viewing/considering this my ‘Painting Waterfalls’ graphic over at kDesignationz, my Redbubble site. Currently, there’s about seventeen different items bearing the design. You can check them out here

K’lee L. © 2015

New Works at kDesignationz:Pelican Takes Wing Over Sutro Baths

nature photography, pelican graphics, digital art,

One of several renderings of my ‘pelican art’ found at kDesignations via Redbubble

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted new works from my kDesignationz hangout at Redbubble. It’s not for lack of the creation of new pieces, I’ve made several that you’ll see soon. As many of you creatives who express yourselves in a multitude of ways know, balance in all things is key. With that said, this piece, ‘Pelican Takes Wing Over Sutro Baths’ is another graphic born of a photo shoot done some months ago. For an idea of the entire line of products available based on this design, check them out here

K’lee L. © 2015

UPDATE: Not so much an update, but an add-on. As I work to make this piece part of a larger collection, I figured I’d add the links to the other pieces already available on my kDesignationz Redbubble site.

For a look at the items sporting my ‘Pelican Pas De Deux’ design (below), check them out here

birds in flight, San Francisco Sutro Baths

For a look at the items sporting my ‘Dusky Dawn Pelican Brief’ design (below), check them out here

Redbubble art, pelican photography, San Francisco Sutro Baths, San Francisco Landmarks

Sepia-Toned Photography: The Undiminished Power of a Waterfall

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco sites, sepia toned photography, black and white photography

The power of a waterfall remains undiminished even in sepia!

An earlier post contained a graphic I based on one of my photos of the fantastic waterfall you’ll find in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, led me to creating a sepia-toned rendition of the same waterfall. Waterfalls in my eyes are one of those structures that don’t lose visual impact by taking away its natural colors.I’m learning how to give the water a ‘slow-moving’ effect. Makes them even more calm-inducing…

What do you think?

K’lee L. © 2015

New Work At kDesignationz: Surfer’s Blues

water sports, ride the wave, outdoor fun,

I titled it ‘new work’ and I guess because no one’s seen it yet- it is new work, but between you and me… it’s really just a new rendering of a previous work. Yes.

…I guess It feels new to be because the original’s got a lot more GREEN in it… I’m a blues guy after all…

As always, to check out the works at kDesignationz, my RedBubble site sporting this ‘new design, you only have to click here

K’lee L. © 2015

Black and White Photography: Monochromatics From a Fujifilm (and Nikon) Perspective

black and white collage, monochromatic photos, Fujifilm cameras

the old camera’s got some life in her yet! – K’lee L.

I realized after putting this collage together, two of the photos; the stairs next to the homes, and the Columbus/ Coit Tower shot happened because of my Nikon. The others are from my S5700; an older camera (I wrote a previous post about here) I’m finding still has plenty life and photo-taking capabilities! It doesn’t stop me wanting to own Fujifilm’s X-T 1 mirror-less camera, but that’s another story.

UPDATE: Well, well… it’s nice sometimes to go back and change a statement to reflect what I originally intended. After going back over all the photos in this collage, I can now state they were all taken with my Fujifilm S5700 and not with my Nikon!

Is it a HUGE deal?


I’ve yet to take either camera out for some photo-taking and grumble about the effort. I enjoy the experience irregardless. I’m simply more satisfied with the entire group of shots belonging to the Fujifilm. As mentioned earlier, I’ve taken many more, so chances are there will be other posts soon!

K’lee L. © 2015

Nature Photography: Don’t Go Painting Waterfalls!

San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, nature photography, manmade waterfalls, water photography

The waterfall in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, graphically speaking! – K’lee L.

Bees, the kind we find naturally occurring in nature, seem to always have things to do. Yet, in my mind, they seem seriously organized and ‘on point’ with getting all their work done. I’m not a bee. I’m me, and sometimes that means I have to juggle several things at once. It also means I’m not a part of a collective ‘hive mind’ that collates and collaborates to make things happen. All to say this post, after some days of not posting, is representative of me ‘getting better at juggling'; enough so to make time to post this!

The photo this graphic was rendered from is of the amazing waterfall you’ll find in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. I won’t offer directions or locales because I believe the exploration, especially on a nice day (!), is well worth your time should you chose to accept this mission while in San Francisco. (…it’s really not a …’Mission Impossible’)

I’ll be adding some of the actual photos I’ve taken in the last week or two of this phenomenal structure soon; once the juggling act come to something similar to a close!

Oh, I’ve been asked about making this one available as a print, so that should happen by week’s end!

(I’ll post about it!)

K’lee L. © 2015

San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral: Three Views On An Iconic House of Faith

houses of worship. cathedrals of San Francisco. landmark cathedrals, architectural marvels

Three views of the spectacular Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. – K’lee L.

Today’s three photos were chosen first because today is Sunday; a day many celebrate their faith or at least are able to step gently away from the work week and appreciate time off to be with family and friends.

San Francisco landmarks, Gothic cathedrals

It is also June 21st, the official first day of summer and the longest day of the year!

San Francisco Landmarks, architectural marvels, Gothis cathedrals.

Lastly, it is Father’s day; a time where we honor and show gratitude to fathers of all kinds for their love, influence, and support in our lives.

May a threefold of blessings flow this Sunday for you all…

K’lee L. © 2015