KLDesignz Feature of the Day: A Quintet of Seagull Related Ways to Carry What You Carry

A newly created quintet of ideas on how to carry all those… ah books, or groceries, or gold bricks, or anything proving too much for your hands alone. What else do these five things that help you carry other things have in common? Each bear my ‘Flock of Seagull’ design, made possible at my Zazzle spot KLDesignz:

'Flock of Seagulls' Drawstring Backpack
'Flock of Seagulls' Drawstring Backpack by KLDesignz
Find more Birds Drawstring Backpack at Zazzle

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Dawn Photography: The New Moon Rising in a Clear San Francisco Sky

San Francisco Piers, bridge photography, new moon rising

…a rare clear sky’s viewing of a New Moon rising…

Depending on the time of year, clear, warm mornings are a rare event here in San Francisco. Fog and chilliness are the order of the morning so often we just tend to expect it more often than not.Thankfully as I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, I’m an early morning guy to my heart and soul. As I recall, I was up and going so early on this particular morning, I got to watch the skies fade from full black to this. (Note: I did assist this shot with a slight bit of filtering, not that it needed filtering!)

The gated walkway you see underneath the rising moon can actually be walked for oh, lets call it several hundred feet(sorry metrics). It’s all that and absolutely worth getting out of bed and outdoors to experience.


Just wanted to let you all know this shot is now available at kDesignationz, my Redbubble spot. The link I’m providing will open up on the ‘framed prints’, but don’t let that stop you from checking out all the other variations on offer. There are other options available for me to use with other products, so those are on the way. As always, feedback of any sort is always appreciated!

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KLDesignz: Feature of the Day, Once More Into the Rickshaw Bagworks!

music, instruments, world music, percussion, drums, shakuhatchi, tabla, dumbek, flute, rattle, thumb harp

I actually play all of these… some a little worse than others!
K’lee L.

At Zazzle there are many options for how one can ‘create’ art. With all the options available, it’s cool to find a company whose products excite and feel like a great match to what I do. My ‘feature’ for today is built around the San Francisco-based company, Rickshaw Bagworks. I like what they do and, as mentioned previously, they’re my neighbors here in San Francisco so there’s a feeling of connection related to locale. This then is my latest interpretation of Rickshaw Bagwork’s very cool Messenger Bag. I figured with orange being not only a color I explored in an earlier post this month, but a true San Francisco color I’d use it here:

K’lee L. © 2015

Brazil, rain forest, parrot, KLDesignz, Zazzle

KLDesignz Feature of the Day: The Furious Five Ah, Parrots!

Brazil, rain forest, parrot, KLDesignz, Zazzle

Deep in the Brazilian rain forest a parrot radiates in the rain

OK, I admit the title is – I mean when are parrots ever ‘furious’? Give up? I’ll give you two examples. The first being the ‘Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill‘ right here in San Francisco! These parrots are pretty famous around these parts for their unbelievably bizarre screeching … I mean melodies. There really is no sound quite like it.

The second bunch of furious parrots would be these five parrot enclosed phone cases, designed by KLDesignz (that’s me!) also located in the City By The Bay.

Have a look, leave a comment or a furious parrot screech. All are welcomed!

Numero uno is the iPhone 6 parrot:

Number two is the Samsung Galaxy S5 parrot:

Number three is the Motorola Droid RAZR parrot (that’s a mouthful!)

Number four is the iPhone 5/5S parrot:

And last, but certainly not least is the iPhone 4/4S parrot:

There you have it. Five parrots in a row. Whether they’re furious or not…

I’ll leave up to you!

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What is Heaven? What is Hell?

K'lee L.:

I am this morning, after returning from a walk, indebted to Zen Flash for this magnificent tale and universal reminder to us all…

Originally posted on Zen Flash:

In feudal Japan, the fierce Samurai Warriors were revered as Kings. They carried large swords and were highly skilled at using them.

One day, a famous samurai set out to find an aged monk who was known to be very wise. When he arrived at the monastery, he flung open the door and demanded of the old man, “Tell me, you are learned in these matters. What is heaven and what is hell?”

The monk sat still for a moment on the tatami-matted floor. Then he turned and looked up at the warrior. “You call yourself a samurai warrior,” he said. “Why, look at you. You’re nothing but a mere sliver of a man! I doubt you could cut off the head of a fly with your sword.”

For a moment, the samurai stood gaping. No one talked to a samurai like that! Then, as if someone had waved…

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Exotic Car Photography: The Razor’s Edge

The Razor's Edge

Ah blog, it’s never easy being away for extended amounts of time. The reasons were important enough to call me away to the other side of the country for a spell. I’ll be back in my beloved S.F. soon, but thought I’d take or make time while the morning is both peaceful and relatively quiet to put together a quick post.

This one’s another ‘blast from the past’, a photo taken at one of San Francisco’s exotic car shows, held next to the water throughout the year. I call it ‘Razor’s Edge’ based solely on the vibe of the car, the look of it, and knowing without really knowing this car is fast, really fast.

I can’t say for certain I’ll ever own a beautiful, sleek, exotic car such as this one. What I can say as I consider making my way back across country on my journey home, I wouldn’t mind riding the razor’s edge- this particular razor’s edge to get there.

K’lee L. Copyright 2015

The Push Up Challenge at San Francisco’s Botanical Garden

wildlife photography, squirrel photos, San Francisco Botanical Garden

…and then we had a push up contest.

This little guy, after finally deciding he could trust me not to do anything crazy like steal his cache of acorns, stuck by me for a good thirty minutes as I made my was around San Francisco’s Botanical Garden one sunny day back in the Spring. He actually did dig up two acorns in front of me and take the time to eat them. He didn’t offer me any, but still it’s the trust factor that counts so it was all good.

This photo happened near the end of his visit. I made it a point to stay calm; letting him show me what he wanted to show me. When he gave me this pose, I was tempted for about three seconds to join him on the bar just to show him I can do push ups… but then I thought it’s the right size for him… me? not so much.

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The Sacred and the Profane: A Lion’s Life

lion photography, San Francisco Zoo, wildlife portraits

for Cecil…
– K’lee L.

Just a quick little post today, bought on by stumbling across this shot I took earlier in the summer. I don’t know this beautiful lion’s name. I do know when I want to visit him, I can make a trip to the pretty cool San Francisco Zoo and occasionally, he’ll allow me to see him and take a couple pictures. I’m always grateful when he does…

The caption under the photo says, ‘for Cecil’. Cecil is or was a very popular lion living in Zimbabwe’s (Africa) Hwange National Park. He was killed recently… for sport (?)… or boredom (?)… or…

I don’t know if the true reason (with all the facts) he was killed will ever come to light, but I hope they do, and I can’t help hoping the individual who did the killing simply owns it; owns what a tragedy the loss of this innocent lion’s life is, the tragedy of ANY innocent life is.

for Cecil…

K’lee L. © 2015

Ocean Photography: A Lone Seagull Does a Run Across Sutro Baths

seagull photography, San Francisco Ocean Beach, Sutro Baths

kinda wish I could do that…
– K’lee L.

Every so often, I get the impression the seagulls here at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach and Sutro Baths are showoffs. OK, not all of them. Some are cool just doing the normal things seagulls do; hang out with their friends, search for humans offering handouts, or guard their nests.

I guess my showoff comment is aimed at seagulls like the one in this shot. I think I may have watched him make three or four runs right past me and my camera as if to say: ‘Yeah, but can you do….THIS?’

After I took the photo, I realized

…could just be my imagination too.