Nature Photography: Return to San Francisco’s Sunlit Presidio

San Francisco Presidio, nature photography, sunlight through the trees

Sunlight drifting through the trees is its own special magic… K’lee L.

The trees here in San Francisco’s Presidio are always majestic, always worth the ride through. On this particular morning the light you see in the middle of this shot made its entrance, daring me NOT to get off the bike and take a bit in.

I’m very glad I had the camera with me…

K’lee L. © 2015

Nature Photography: Make Time to Veer Off the Path

nature photography, San Francisco presidio, forests, morning photography, sunrise, dawn

Some paths are worth getting off your ‘beaten path’ for… – K’lee L.

The photo comes from a recent morning bike ride through San Francisco’s Presidio. Bike rides out over the Golden Gate Bridge usually bring me near enough to this area to make the excuse to veer off the beaten path. This kind of morning light and clear, still air always makes me glad I did!

It’s hard to talk about the Presidio because it’s got so much history and is so BIG. For that reason, here’s a link, an official one this time with a few more details.

K’lee L. © 2015

City Photography and Urban Landscapes: San Francisco’s Chinatown

San Francisco attractions, neighborhoods, urban landscape, Asian diversity

San Francisco’s Chinatown is still a very cool place to visit. – K’lee L.

OK, so two facts about San Francisco’s Chinatown:

One, it is the largest outside of Asia (I kind of knew this). Two, it is the oldest in the whole of North America (I didn’t know this, but had a feeling…)

Here then is my homage of a collage dedicated to San Francisco’s still very cool, very interesting Chinatown. The idea for this post actually was suggested to me by a fellow blogger here on the WP so it’s for YOU too!

K’lee L. © 2015

San Francisco Photography: The Seals of Pier 39

San Francisco Pier 39, San Francisco attractions, things to do in San Francisco

This may just be my first shot of the seals of Pier 39! K’lee L.

They’ve been scarce lately; the seals of San Francisco’s Pier 39. I both read in the news and heard people discuss their absence from the piers over the past months. I don’t think there was ever a lasting consensus on the reason for the disappearances, but they’re back now, so that’s a good thing.

They are fascinating to watch. Their antics run the gamut from extremely playful; noisy; docile and sleepy, to aloof and mysterious. Oh, and they can be REALLY loud when they want to be…

I happened to be walking past not too long ago and there they were; front and center for all their adoring fans… including me! It seemed only right I discreetly snap a few shots. Believe it or not, this and the handful of other shots I took were a first.

…back when there were only a few stray ones lingering about this same spot on a morning too early for anyone to be out and about (except me!) I tried an experiment… I sang to them! Guess what? They seemed to like it, or were annoyed by it. I can’t be sure which, but I had them swaying… so I’m going to go with them enjoying it. I’ll have to prepare a seal song exclusively for them next time and hope they understand the words… They deserve the honor for all their years of service.

If you’ve never seen them and find yourself visiting San Francisco, do be sure to make the stop. They’re pretty amazing creatures!

K’lee L. © 2015

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge: From Foggy Darkness into the Morning Light!

Golden Gate Bridge photography, San Francisco icons, Marin Headlands

It’s cold, windy, and wet. I wouldn’t have it any other way! K’lee L.

I’ve talked about my love of biking San Francisco’s GGB (Golden Gate Bridge) in a number of previous posts. I’ve talked about the amazing fog phenomena San Francisco experiences in previous posts too. I took this shot about a week ago just because it’s been a while since I’ve snapped a shot of the actual happening.

It’s like this:

The completely cloudy, cold, damp side of the bridge you can’t see is where I start my ride( the San Francisco side). By the time I get to the bridge’s entrance, I’ve already prepared myself for the ride. It’s just about a given on most days like this I’ll get some portion of blue sky by the time I cross.

This is what it looks like from the sunny side. (the Marin County side!)

It’s a cold, windy, and wet ride… but as I consider Earth Day and the miracles of Nature on this big, blue planet… I’d have it no other way!

K’lee L. © 2015

Earth Day

K'lee L.:

Big thanks to Underground Energy for sharing this video first seen on Humanity777’s blog. She’s mother to us all…

Originally posted on Underground Energy:

I saw this video on Humanity777’s blog and wanted to share it. I have always loved our earth. There is nothing more wonderful than the smell of fresh earth when you turn it over in your hands to plant something new in the ground. Something beautiful and living.

Happy Earth Day


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Nature Photography/Graphics: Flight of the Hummingbird When They Allow You!

botanical gardens, hummingbirds with flowers, collaborations in nature

A graphic montage of hummingbirds at the Botanical Garden of S.F. -K’lee L.

I’m going to dedicate this one to ‘By Hook Or By Book‘ both for her excellent book reviews and because I said I’d do a post featuring the amazingly fast-moving and incredibly cool hummingbirds of San Francisco’s Botanical Garden.

These graphics are based on the photos I shot that day. In most of these instances, I didn’t have a clue WHAT I shot (until making time to check, of course!)  as these guys and gals simply don’t wait around for you to compose a shot. It’s either ya got it, or ya didn’t with hummingbirds.

I feel like I learned enough and was fascinated enough to return and have another go at this. I’m confounded by the fact I underestimated the speed I needed to shoot at… anybody for 1/2000th of a second… and still their wings blurred! Amazing.

K’lee L. © 2015