New Works at kDesignationz:Pelican Takes Wing Over Sutro Baths

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One of several renderings of my ‘pelican art’ found at kDesignations via Redbubble

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted new works from my kDesignationz hangout at Redbubble. It’s not for lack of the creation of new pieces, I’ve made several that you’ll see soon. As many of you creatives who express yourselves in a multitude of ways know, balance in all things is key. With that said, this piece, ‘Pelican Takes Wing Over Sutro Baths’ is another graphic born of a photo shoot done some months ago. For an idea of the entire line of products available based on this design, check them out here

K’lee L. © 2015

UPDATE: Not so much an update, but an add-on. As I work to make this piece part of a larger collection, I figured I’d add the links to the other pieces already available on my kDesignationz Redbubble site.

For a look at the items sporting my ‘Pelican Pas De Deux’ design (below), check them out here

birds in flight, San Francisco Sutro Baths

For a look at the items sporting my ‘Dusky Dawn Pelican Brief’ design (below), check them out here

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The Sacred and the Profane: A Lion’s Life

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for Cecil…
– K’lee L.

Just a quick little post today, bought on by stumbling across this shot I took earlier in the summer. I don’t know this beautiful lion’s name. I do know when I want to visit him, I can make a trip to the pretty cool San Francisco Zoo and occasionally, he’ll allow me to see him and take a couple pictures. I’m always grateful when he does…

The caption under the photo says, ‘for Cecil’. Cecil is or was a very popular lion living in Zimbabwe’s (Africa) Hwange National Park. He was killed recently… for sport (?)… or boredom (?)… or…

I don’t know if the true reason (with all the facts) he was killed will ever come to light, but I hope they do, and I can’t help hoping the individual who did the killing simply owns it; owns what a tragedy the loss of this innocent lion’s life is, the tragedy of ANY innocent life is.

for Cecil…

K’lee L. © 2015

Ocean Photography: A Lone Seagull Does a Run Across Sutro Baths

seagull photography, San Francisco Ocean Beach, Sutro Baths

kinda wish I could do that…
– K’lee L.

Every so often, I get the impression the seagulls here at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach and Sutro Baths are showoffs. OK, not all of them. Some are cool just doing the normal things seagulls do; hang out with their friends, search for humans offering handouts, or guard their nests.

I guess my showoff comment is aimed at seagulls like the one in this shot. I think I may have watched him make three or four runs right past me and my camera as if to say: ‘Yeah, but can you do….THIS?’

After I took the photo, I realized

…could just be my imagination too.


K'lee L.:

I am once again indebted to Gary B. of ‘Musings At Random’ for daring to share words that have my eyes, mind, and heart center opened and inspired. Thank you for this gift of words, Gary.

Originally posted on musings at random:

A skirmish rages in the hearts of many,
a soul searing battle waged hard-nosed
and to the end,
a scuffle between the many versions and
visions of ourselves that have come to pass,
and those that have not yet tasted the wind…
the age old tousle between
what your parents wanted, versus
what you thought you couldn’t be, versus
what society taught you that you wanted, versus
what you thought you should be, versus
what you thought you could be, versus
what you know you’re really meant to be…
each one has a score to settle,
and each one desperately wants a hunk
of the pie,
each wants to set their flag fluttering
at the peak, but in the end,
we have to make that climb,
and we have to decide who will set our
we have to decide who will grab our hand
when our footing slips,

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Nighttime Photography: Racing the Light in the San Francisco Streets

San Francisco city streets, nighttime photography, rush hour traffic

When life feels like a juggling act, remember it’s one breath at a time!
– K’lee L.

Every so often, I’ll find a photo I took from another time that speaks perfectly to a current state of things. This is a first post in a while for me. There’s lots happening in my world of late, but nothing I can’t handle…most of it’s related to my creative endeavors, so it’s all good or will be in the end.

I’m glad to have found this photo (again) this morning. It gave me the inspiration to take a minute to get a post out there before the cobwebs started settling in on my blog! I’m sure there are plenty of you who feel the same: you start out posting with a regular frequency, then life steps in and asks or forces you to change up the ‘game plan’.

Changing our routines when it comes to blogging can feel like a challenge, but I think I’m going to run with this one and not worry too much about ‘blogging frequencies’ for the time being…

K’lee L. © 2015

all rights reserved

KLDesignz Feature of the Day: A Flock of Seagulls Prints

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Another graphical rendering born of one of my seagull photos
– K’lee L.

Newly available in print form at my Zazzle ‘Z’ spot, KLDesignz, this seagull graphic came to life first as traditional photography. Below, you’ll find a link for your consideration!

K’lee L. © 2015

Nature Photography: Cyprus Trees Bent Backwards in the Ocean Breeze

nature photography, cyprus trees, Sutro Heights, San Francisco landmarks, northern California photography

A visit with the Cyprus trees perched high above the ocean.
– K’lee L.

When the ocean calls me, it’s rare I don’t respond with a visit, no matter how brief. Occasionally, it may also mean a steep hike up into the beautiful Cyprus trees perched in the rocky structuring overlooking San Francisco’s Ocean Beach.

I always come away feeling renewed. I stopped questioning the gift long ago…

just as it should be…

K’lee L. © 2015

all rights reserved

Nature Photography: Gaze Into Beauty and Beauty Will Gaze Into You

Golden Gate Park, nature photography, serenity, hiking in the park

…gaze into beauty and beauty will gaze into you…
– K’lee L.

Those words up there in my title are really what I felt minutes before snapping this tranquil scene. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park has been gifting me with an endless supply of reasons to raise the camera, but more importantly, to just stop, look, relax, and be thankful.

K’lee l. © 2015