Blasts From the Past: Seeing Inspiration in Early Works

UPDATE: This post is one of my first for this blog! I haven’t changed much besides the size of the pictures so they ‘sit better’ on the page. The first photo/graphic, done from a Golden Gate Park shoot back in 2013, is already part of a new piece of concept art. That piece deals with a piece of my heritage and will be discussed and actualized a bit more at a later date!

I’m reminded in returning to some of these early works of the importance to take a look back occasionally. Sometimes you’ll find new inspiration in works you may not have looked at or thought about in some time…

I know for me, part of the reason this is true is like many of you, my tools change! Once we begin creating our works with different tools, new possibilities arise, which can lead to new works! As I said, the first of these three had already been transformed. The other two I won’t touch. There’s enough new and semi new work on my plate currently to leave them as they are.

Blasts from the past, you never know until you take a look back!

K’lee L. © 2015

graphics, photography, mirrors, creativity, obzervashunal

One of my first concept CD cover designs – K’lee L. © 2013

bees, pink flowers, photography, macro,

‘A Drone’s Life’  from my KLFotos Series K’lee L.. © 2013

parrots, photography, garphics, San Francisco Zoo, monochromatic, colors

A ‘three-paneled parrot work K’lee L. © 2013

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