A Matter of Balanc-ing Me…

a matter of balance   … In trying to come up with an ‘about me’ sheet, I decided on including a photo of me balancing, well MYSELF.

I like the notion of balance in all things: relationships, family, work/creative exploits (although they are, for many of us, one in the same!). Creating lasting balance and finding ways to maintain it are themes I choose to focus much of my energies on in 2014.

This is a new blog, a new space to develop ideas, thoughts, projects and the like. I may, in time, add material from my one former blog… we’ll see.

Might just ‘keep it all fresh’.

I’m K’lee, photographer, writer, musician, singer of songs. I’m a creator on this planet called Earth as are we all (in my humble obzervashun!) I think it’s vitally important to our continued existence and / or peace of mind, body, and soul, that we share who we are, who we’d like to be, how we want that journey into ‘being-ness’ to look.

I’ve been fortunate to come across so many cool, interesting, amazing, creative, original, loving, giving people here, on WordPress, and elsewhere in life that I find myself inspired to just live more, be more, share more, in the hope that maybe someone will see what I do, what I create and find some small measure of inspiration to do the same.

This section will hopefully fill with new stuff: new insights, ideas, plans, acts, you know….

thanks for spending some of your time with me @ my OBZERVASHUNAL hangout. Here’s to hoping I see more of you!

13 thoughts on “A Matter of Balanc-ing Me…

  1. Yay! I came into the blogosphere hoping to connect with people like you! So far it’s been peeps trying to sell me their ‘secrets to better blogging’. Which I can find for free, it’s all out there. I just need to apply it. Soon….So nice to read you words, they ring out with clarity and beauty. Cool.


    1. thank you for the comment! I don’t so much practice yoga, but I guess a form of it where freeing the mind and energies is involved. I can go back to about twelve years old when my brain started making the connection!


        1. I like that… I was reminder right before the New Year that January ’14 held two New Moons which for me points the way to not only new beginnings,ideas,creativity, but true commitment to new projects will empower those projects two-fold!

          Vision, Belief, Perseverance… that’s what I want 2014 to manifest… oh, and balancing skillz don’t hurt either!


    1. Mercedita,

      You can’t imagine my surprise having been away from my blog for some days… to return to this great honor!!! Thank you so much…I’m in a bit of shock right now.

      Hope you have a fantastic day!!!



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