Don’t Give Up…

K.L. © 2013

K.L. © 2013

…I snapped the picture of this ‘fellow traveler’ upon the planet months ago. I didn’t know him or approach him before I depressed the camera’s button. I simply responded to what his face made me feel in that moment… take the picture.

I though his eyes held the ancient memories and wisdom of  a long ago ancestor. Some irrefutable truth genetically inherited which none would ever take from him. His eyes and the set of the face which held them said to me: ‘Don’t give up’. Whatever hardship life brings your way, stay the course and continue on.

Now, you might wonder how I could get all  this from one photo, a pair of eyes, a face I had, until that moment of pressing the camera’s button, never seen before? I can’t really tell you where it came from, that sense of those three words, ‘don’t give up’ rising to the surface of my consciousness. I have , long ago learned, not to question so much the words, feeling or ideas which enter my mind during observations of various people, places, or things for they form the basis of all  I have ever created and ever shall create while here on Mother Earth.

I kind of like that. I trust that, I’m constantly seeking out more of that, and I always find it… where and when I least expect.

I look at this photo, the graphical representation I created from the original photo, and am always drawn to his eyes first and foremost. There is struggle in those eyes, pain in those eyes, tragedy in those eyes, but strength, love, hope, kindness, a desire to take one more step, a decision made and kept and much more in those eyes.

I do not know who he is, or where he lives, or who he loves, or any of a thousand other ‘points of interest’ about this man in the picture.

I simply know that when I first looked at the picture my hand and camera took of him, the words, ‘don’t give up’ sprang to mind and there they still sit come each additional viewing.

I thank him where ever he may be today and every day for making me not want to give up, no matter what.

K.L. © 2014

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