More Words on the Bike…

Graphics by K.L. © 2014

Graphics by K.L. © 2014

… I can honestly say, I never tire of biking. In my case, that opening sentence pertains to ‘road biking’. I may get tired from ‘the push’ of riding, but I don’t suppose I will ever not have a reason to get out on the road on my two-legged steed!

Most of us possess that one constant in our lives, that thing we do which gives us a sense of pleasure and fulfillment unlike anything else. The ammount of time we dedicate to those passions speaks to how important they are for us to do!

I suppose it wouldn’t take me long to come up with more than a few new additions to this list of pleasures. For instance, along with biking, I also get serious kicks out of plain old walking. I’m grateful to live in a place where the scenery is highly conducive to getting outdoors and exploring, so walking is a ‘no-brainer’ for me. It’s gotten so that I can’t consider it a good walk unless I’ve done at least five miles or so. Not a ridiculous distance, but I feel it by the time I return home.

What else?

Singing and making music turns my dials way UP. I like it best when I am working on something specific,  but I don’t really have to be. I can and often do wake up with music on my mind and if in the mood, will let it out. I have to be a little conservative here as I always try to be considerate to the neighbors!

I guess this post is one which focuses on biking because I’m, in this moment, returning from a ride and the high hasn’t worn off as yet!

Interestingly, as I bring more and more of my time to bear on my creative pursuits, I find biking enhances my thinking in a way I never noticed before.

Much of my free time these days goes into my writing. Two projects in particular offer lots of fresh challenges. I’m finding that if I open my minnd to the storylines I am working on, the ideas simply happen. New twist and turns often suggest themselves in that first hour or so of riding and luckily, that newness tends to stay with me.

I usually get out to ride early in the morning, many times before the sun comes up. Riding for an average of two hours gets me breathing deeply, gets my muscles revved up and clears my head in a way which makes returning to write feel like a more natural process. I certainly get a lot more done after a ride.

What ever you do that enhances your focus, that brings you to the clarity needed for not only your creative work, but the living of your life, I hope you honor it and continue  making it a part of your daily!

K.L. copyright 2014





9 thoughts on “More Words on the Bike…

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yes, the biking, and walking, and stretching all play a significant role in aiding the creative stuff. There was a time when the correlation wasn’t so obvious to me, BUT that’s all changed! Lol.
      I’ll make you a deal: I’ll keep up my joyful things if you will?
      Blessings back at cha!


  1. Thank you so much for your visit to my blog and for the like which now link me to your awesome blog. I appreciate! Best wishes and God’s blessing in every area of your life!!!!


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