Bear Photography: The Wistful Memory in Her Eyes

nature wild bears mountain wildlife grizzly grizzly bear zoo San Francisco

She is one of two sisters living and being as much Grizzly bear as possible. Beautiful… but her eyes seem sad to me. -K’lee L.

She is one of two rather famous sisters living and being Grizzly bears at the San Francisco zoo. A portion of their story is as I recall they were abandoned as youngsters and taken in from the wild in Montana, the state of their birth.

Eventually when it appeared they could no longer be taken care of or returned to the wild, they were slated to be killed.

Fortunately, the San Francisco Zoo stepped up and stepped in to save the sisters and give them a new home in the City By The Bay. Yes, another wildlife story gets to end well!

I’ve only recently been making my way to the zoo with my camera in tow. Looking today at this picture I took last year, I’m grateful I had the camera and this particular Grizzly sister chose to stretch out on the rock facing as she did.

My initial feeling and description was she looked sad. Here’s to hoping her expression was… something else, perhaps a wistful but good memory…

K’lee L. (K.L.) updated 2015

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