Grafiks # 17: Nudes: A Photographic Experimentation With Shadows and Light

nude photography, the human body as art, black and white photography, muscularity

I’ve not done much nude photography… yet! K’lee L.

And yet another early work from the dawn of this blog! As a former athlete (track and field and gymnast!) , dancer, and still active cyclist, the human form is something I’m definitely interested in. Getting my body to cooperate and perform for events was the beginning of a desire to understand the true workings of the body. Taking up photography has eventually led me to trying my hand at shooting my own ‘body related art’ and creating the occasional graphic based on those shoots.

As I learn more of what that means for me, and I guess i can add my ‘mirage’d me’ shot in the mix, as well as a few other shots you’ll find here on the Obzervashunal, I’ll start incorporating that work into more posts. They may not all be ‘nudes’ per se, but who knows… so long as they’re ‘tastefully done’ (nothing crazy here!) there will be more!

K’lee L. © 2015

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