More Music Creation With the iPad


I know, I’ve made my comments about ‘losing ourselves to our ever evolving technology’. Let me clarify, I believe it is our, and not ALL of our, over-fascination with the cell phone and its possibilities I wonder most about. You know, like the individual who walked off the train platform while TEXTING???

When it comes to music-making with technology, I wholly embrace it!

I’ve been a singer/musician/lover of music for many years. From my first midi controller and bit of software kit, I’ve been grateful for this particular type of technology and haven’t looked back.

With today’s music-based tech constantly shrinking while retaining most if not all of its full Mac or PC capabilities (to encompass cell phones (!) and tablets), amazing music-making possibilities becomes mobile, which is what the above picture is all about.

So, what exactly is in the aforementioned picture above?

You’ve got your iPad, a nice adjustable iPad stand (which I don’t currently have the name for!), IKMultimedia iRig (three octave!)keyboard for iPads being used with IKMultimedia’s Sample Tank software. I also have the Grand Piano software from the same company and LOVE IT. It’s nice that I can take this combination of tools with me when I want to ‘work on the road’ and get as deep into it as I want.

If you’re a musician looking for a way to compose, write, arrange on the go, these tools might be for you!

…I totally should get paid by these companies for the sales pitch I made for them, don’t you think?

K.L. copyright 2014

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