Back to the Beginning…

Living Seagull Wings


…The beginning, that place where it all began. The beginning, that place where you first fell in love with… creating something. The beginning, that place where you realized you had the ability to create something. There was excitement in the newly discovered piece of you! Did you fear it, or instantly seek out ways to create more? Were there others who offered you validation and support for what you had bought forth into the World?

I like beginnings. I like the excitement, the challenge, the sense that ‘anything is possible’ when I stand in the dawn of a new beginning. I should add, I like middles and endings too, just not as much as beginnings!

One thing I am finding when I reach those middles and endings? It’s important to occasionally return to that sense of wonder, that initial thrill found at the beginning of a new project: a new song, a new story, a new photograph, a new bike path.

Heading back to that feeling of newness, in particular when I am working out a piece which requires hours, days, weeks or more  of work – keeps me going. It lends me focus and clarity, helping me to define for myself what the importance of seeing it through actually means.

My suggestion for those feeling stuck in the middle of their process of creation?

Take a quick trip back to the beginning.

Ask yourself why you began it in the first place. What’s in the completion for you?

Going back to the beginning just might hold the key!

K.L. © 2014

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