If I could spend 15 mins with…

The beautiful Rene DeSuza wrote this piece on a fantastic African-American author, Octavia Butler. After finding it and leaving a somewhat lengthy(sorry!) comment, I thought what I really should do is reblog…
If you don’t know the author and enjoy not only great sci fi, but great writing period, you owe it to yourself to check out the late, great Octavia Butler!

The Next Chapter

For this Monday’s writing related post I wanted to write about one of my favourite authors of all time… Octavia Butler.

Butler has been on my list of faves since I came across her obituary in the NY Times while I was in college.  I was surprised to learn that there was an African American female science fiction author.  I’ve always enjoyed sci-fi and was thrilled to find out about her.  That very same day I visited the nearest Barnes & Noble to find her books.  I’ve read just about all of her work that I can find.  Lillith’s Brood and Fledgling are two of my favourites.

If I could spend 15 minutes with Octavia Butler…I’d ask:

  • What sparks her story ideas?
  • Does she let a story ripen for months and years before attempting to write?
  • Was she a pantser?
  • The only story she has that I’ve never managed to…

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