Enjoy the Silence

stop occasionally and enjoy the silence

K.L.© 2013

…I’ve been running and no, not on the streets, or on a school track, or up a mountainside in the spring rains.

I’ve been running with my ideas and concepts and thoughts and …whew! I’ve been running and not necessarily realizing how absolutely important it is to take that break. Take a break and let silence ensue.

Breathe. Breathe for the sake of breathing alone, no need to attach an idea or concept to it… breathe.

I felt better immediately when I took my own advice in this.  What I’m learning in this moment is this: Stopping to enjoy the silence is not the same as giving up on an idea, a concept, a post, a new spot of creativity.

Stopping to enjoy the silence, for me, has become a way to reconnect to the world I live in, must operate in, interact in, create in, love in.

I have little doubt that there are some who never do this, and those who do it too much.

Those who never do it, I imagine, run the very real risk of utter burnout, of disassociation from the very things they profess to love or derive pleasure from.

To be on the go twenty-four, seven, or enough hours of the day and night so as to not know the difference? I don’t think I ever want to be that person. The producer of concrete results? yes. Success built on relentless pursuit? yes.  Worn down, beat up, disconnected from Self? yes, eventually.

I don’t want to be the person who enjoys too much silence either. Those who do, I imagine, run the risk of never getting to know what finishing something feels like.

They spend too much time imagining the sensations accomplishing a thing WILL one day feel like, but never getting that in order to experience those feelings, the work must be done.

Seeing the BIG picture twenty-four, seven, yet never taking those practical steps to make that picture a reality in the REAL word? I can’t see too much value in stopping there, in allowing the vision, the dream of a thing to represent the creation of the thing… The producer of concrete results? no. Success built on relentless pursuit? no. Worn down, beat up, disconnected from Self? yep, but only if this person makes the the time to see the difference between dong and imagining the doing, the completion…

I’ve been running, creating, thinking, doing, being, seeing, loving, living, giving, having, knowing, guessing, laughing, crying, wanting, praying, manifesting… like never before in my life…

… and now it’s time to Enjoy the Silence…

… ah, that’s better!

K.L. © 2014


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