Bedtime naivetè….

Fantastically insightful, thought-provoking, and just plain fun!


It’s one of those nights again. Those quiet, foggy, eerie nights. Those nights when sleep seems like a foreign feeling and simple things like footsteps of a lonely neighbour taking a night stroll behind my wall makes my heart beat faster than Usain Bolt’s world record sprint.

Apart from the fear the night brings, it carries along a desire to do something. A desire to think. A desire to act. A desire to feel something. It carries along an awareness of my loneliness and my impoverished actualisation of dreams. I have such myriads dreams and aspirations that I wonder if one lifetime would be enough time to achieve them all. They span from buying a super sports car (which I will shamelessly admit without feeling vain) to living old enough to witness the invent of flying cars and robotic maids.

I can’t help but envision an era in the future…

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