Eyes Wide Open

owls, birds of wisdom and truth.

K.L. © 2013
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Are your eyes wide open, or are they squeezed shut from a desire NOT to see something currently happening in your life?

If your eyes are opened, you are perhaps the kind of person who does not frighten easily. You understand fear happens to those who live in the past, focus on past events, give there energies to people, places and events which pay no dividends.

Knowing these things, you make it a point to stay present, stay confident and positive in your thoughts and actions, believing the outcomes will always be beneficial, even when not exactly as you planned it – you’re willing to work with those outcomes until you see the benefits.

People with eyes opened make no excuses, blame no one from their past for what they assume will be a dark future. People with eyes opened embrace right now, realizing that right now is all they have so they’d better get to work on it!

Now, it’s important to also add here that people who dare to live with their eyes opened do not always have perfectly sculptured days. Chances are they have things go wrong as much as anyone else.

The difference, the successful navigation of a ‘bad day'(s), comes again from an inherent faith in self these people have. They know it won’t all be ‘right as rain’ all the time so they prepare, they create alternate plans for those eventualities, committing themselves to always getting back on track, no matter what or how long it takes.

People with eyes wide open see more of the world, those fine details so easy and readily missed by those who do not (choose to) see. Seeing the fine details gives them more to work with and adds to a heightened confidence to get the job done.

Do you see yourself in the portrayal above? Is this the kind of person you are, or want to be?

I write about this type of person because I strive to transform those parts of my consciousness which are not currently aligned with this mentality. I see lots of benefit from grasping these concepts and making them habitual on a daily basis.

It ain’t easy, walking around ‘open to everything’ all the time. I believe the very fact that this kind of attitude commands constant reappraisal makes it that much more worthy of my attention and dedication.

I’d love to hear from any and all who live their lives with ‘eyes wide open’. Can you recall ever being the opposite? What steps did you take, if any, to become open to life?

K.L. copyright 2014

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