Flamingo (black and white)

birds, flamingos,black and white

K.L. © 2013

… I’ve always loved birds with long legs. Storks, Herons, and Flamingos in particular. I guess it has to do with the grace and elegance these birds have due, in part, to the length of their legs. Flamingos on a beach are an almost iconic image, especially when I think about a place like Florida (which I’ve never seen…what’s up with that?) This flamingo presented me with a cool pose in the water, which, once again, I was grateful for having the camera at the ready when he/she did! The beautiful pink feathers of this bird are amazing, but something told me a black and white treatment could work too. What-a-ya think?

K’lee L.©2014

12 thoughts on “Flamingo (black and white)

    1. Hey Patric! Yes, I agree with you on that.
      A quick bird story:

      One morning, I was out on a bike ride. I stopped in a spot where I knew white herons were nesting, hoping to see one. As I stood looking, one heron decided he could trust me enough to land on the railing right next to me! My first impulse was to try taking out my phone for a quick picture. Then I realized the true gift of the moment, forgot about the camera and just let myself enjoy this beautiful, bold, heron who chose to pay me a visit! Absolute magic! Thanks for making the time to comment, my friend!

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    1. LOL! Glad I didn’t have the hot coffee to my mouth while reading that! Come on, though, when they stop and pose on one leg? As a Hatha Yoga practitioner, you’ve got to appreciate the style? As for Dodo Birds… Ever see the animated movie, ‘Ice Age’? When ever someone mentions Dodo Birds, this movie’s portrayal of them pops into my head! As for the color and ‘phallic-ness’, don’t see it… camels? yeah, somewhat…

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    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes, elegant birds move me.
      I once had a white heron land right next to me… I couldn’t decide if I wanted to freak-out, or take a photo, or just be still and enjoy his company!
      Eventually, the two of us opted for the sitting still thing. It was magical!


        1. Exactly! I laugh now at how quick I was in that moment to think only of the photo op and not of the greater event happening!
          The picture would have (maybe) been nice, if he didn’t get spooked first, but the trusting me will stay with me forever.

          It was awesome!


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