Golden Monkey With Wise Eyes

golden monkey with wise eyes

K.L. ©2013

… Nature has always got something to teach, in my humble opinion. Life can bring all kinds of stresses, but if I head out into nature, really allowing myself to take it in, the stress fades… every time. Many of my favorite animal shots came from two things: Me relaxing into a sense of GRATITUDE for being offered the moment, and animals, such as this Golden Monkey, who spotted me from high up in a tree, slowly approached, took a seat in front of me, and gave me …

THIS. What a gift, huh?


2 thoughts on “Golden Monkey With Wise Eyes

    1. Oh, wish I could say Nepal or some such environ, but I discovered this fellow at a beautifully controlled preserve in California last year!

      I know, he startled me too with that crazy-cool color… You should have seen how easy and slow he moved through the trees once he decided to come over… it was a very magical moment! I had so many questions for him I was too shy to ask!


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