The Enlightened One

a family of monkeys

K.L. © 2013

Will probably outlast everyone,

by daring to look into the Sun,

Tears stream down, he does not blink,

A moment’s pain he’s free to think,

Of other lives he cannot live,

The beating Heart he cannot give,

And still he does not turn away,

His mind so sure there’s more to say,

Feelings, emotions , the too bright Sun,

He stares unflinchingly,

The Enlightened One

K.L. © 2014



13 thoughts on “The Enlightened One

    1. … Only to find that the search ‘outside ourselves’ eventually leads us back to the True Source … Ourselves.

      That’s the transcendence ‘trip’ I want!

      Thanks as always for the support and words of Tree Wisdom, my friend!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for liking the shot and the poem!

      I always keep the initial ‘shot’ in my memory when I take photos of animals.

      He really did seem to have been in the midst of finding some magical epiphany… the sun shining in his eyes didn’t hurt the shot or finding the right words for the poem either!


    1. I remember standing (once more!) with the camera just checking this little guy(?) out… then the sun shone right into his eyes and I actually remembered to raise the camera and this is the result! thanks for that like!



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