Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

stones, formation, harmony, peace

yesterday, today, tomorrow
K.L. © 2012

I remember the morning, sunny and bright, and the man who placed these stones in this intriguing pattern.

Silver-haired and of medium build, his face carried an easy, relaxed smile suggesting he enjoyed his environment and his work.

He seemed lost in his own world as he set each stone slowly and with utmost precision.

Interestingly, his hands never left each rock until he was certain of their exact placement.

Not once did a stone slip or fall after he had decided the correct position had been obtained.

One by one, he would set a stone, stand in silent observation, then move on to find and place another.

The process, from beginning to end, took up but a single hour of that sunny morning.

Once his hands left the final stone, he moved back a few steps, bowed with eyes closed and left the beach.

By now his peaceful but powerful work had attracted a small crowd who seemed not to have noticed

the sculptor had vanished.

This picture tells me he hasn’t gone anywhere,

he’s still right here.

K.L. © 2014



16 thoughts on “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

    1. Much appreciated, my friend! I think you’ll agree, some people we come across need do very little for us to know they have found a way to tap into something profoundly beautiful and real…

      the ‘stone-builder’ was/is one of those people!



        1. A Master in disguise
          would do all that he could
          to appear on the same level
          as the rocks being displayed
          thus allowing any stoners present
          during such displays of Creativity
          to imagine the ROCKS did the creating?


        1. Sitting as close as I did to him as he worked, I got the feeling from the steadiness and sureness of his hands – not to mention the ever present subtle smile, that his was an understanding that went BEYOND mere physics!


    1. Ah, you, Sir have lit a FIRE that shall not be quenched!

      .. or is that squenched???

      That last line… man, that feels like a killer line for a global anthem about wanting to live!

      Only rocks that roll feel free,
      Can’t be the dying root under the Tree,
      Won’t let the darkness come git me,
      Only rocks that roll fee free!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Wishing you a happy Easter day, K’lee! 🙂 Keep that rainbow wrapped around you.

    ✟ The Time is Now! Roll away the stone, sweet Angel,
    for only rocks that roll feel free ~ Uncle Tree


    1. Wishing a Happy Easter right back at you, Keith! I’ve already had a few incredible blessings this day so the ‘rainbow’ must be working! Thanks for tearing off a piece of yours for me when I lost mine…

      I am ‘rolling away my stones… I’m ready to live fully and be free!


      Liked by 1 person

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