It’s You, the One and Only!

flowers bloom beautiful

flowers don’t need instructions to bloom!
K.L. © 2013

I remember seeing a friend whom I had worked with for years, preparing to transition from one chapter of his life, into a brand new one.

The ‘old life’ had become comfortable, safe, known. He had spent countless hours, days, months, years making it so.

Now was the time to step into the Great Unknown, and while he had done lots of preparatory homework to assist in this major life change,

there was the one thing I could tell bothered him: the preparation didn’t erase the fact that he still stood on an unknown path.

I recall our last ‘in-person’ conversation the morning of his flight out. He’d spent the night packing, took his wife to dinner, came home and slept.

When he told me this, I thought: ‘Good, that sounds about right.’

Yet, when I saw him the next morning, I knew something was out of joint, B. looked terrified, haunted even!

I asked him how he was doing. He responded honestly, something I always appreciate with our talks.

Overnight, his mind had filled with worry, doubt, fear.

The typical worries of someone looking so far into the future for clues, everything in front of him stops making sense.

What if I don’t find the ‘right’ job? I’ll need to find an apartment when we get there, how?

B. had a list of fears longer than my arm and those fears were eating away at his peace of mind. I imagine his wife wasn’t too pleased either!

I saw an easy solution, one I didn’t hesitate to share with him.

I suggested he ‘be himself’. Really, that’s it. I suggested he be himself because any time I’d seen him being wholly present

dealing with the ‘here and now’, applying what he knew worked to a situation, he thrived.

“In other words”, I said. “You are enough.”

It didn’t take B. long to get it or to visibly relax. That he relaxed, made me relax too. I knew he’d be OK.

The flower in this post?

It reminded me of B.

It reminded me of all the times I didn’t think I was ‘enough’, only to find out later … yeah, I am… enough.


I like them because they never seem to need that reminder either. They show up when they’re suppose to

and they do what they came here to do, BE BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING…

Imagine if we all did that? Found our own unique, cool ways to do THAT?

Each morning, standing before the mirror, or simply closing our eyes and saying:

‘It’s You, the One and Only!’

4 thoughts on “It’s You, the One and Only!

  1. You are the one. Yes, you! And we are enough.
    Now, answer me this: How can anyone be more than enough?
    By changing? Or by growing? Or learning? Improving?
    Is all that necessary? Perhaps, good enough is not good enough.
    Perhaps, good enough is mediocre.

    Maybe, we shouldn’t have preferences,
    nor expectations, cuz they bias our view.

    The intellect has the night off. Go feel something! 🙂 Best wishes, Keith


    1. There’s no going beyond being enough! that’s cheating… until you reach the nth realm anyway!

      See, the growing, evolving, changing,learning, improving is done to get you to… ‘good enough’… whatever that phrase means for you or me or anyone else…

      This here? Planet Earth? This is the ‘testing ground’, where each of us gets to figure those questions out before ‘graduation’, that’s my humble take on things!


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  2. You are one of the most inspirational people ive come across. Your outlook and mind state scream beautiful and I’m so grateful to have an influence like you take an interest in me. The way you related this to the flower was fantastic and I am also curious to see what “graduation” is about. Thank you. Thank you so much.


    1. Once more I am the one thanking you! I cherish your support of my humble space here and I truly believe I found you , well, because I was SUPPOSE TO FIND YOU. By the way, your work is just as beautiful and inspirational.

      Flowers? A short,short tale:

      I use to live in a spot where behind our house, next to the gas tank no less, grew the most extraordinary purple and white orchids! For the longest time I couldn’t wrap my head around why they were there and more importantly, why they seemed to be thriving …THERE, next to a gas tank!
      I have no doubt I learned something from those orchids, or at least the ‘seeds’ of something that is only now beginning to sprout in me, finding there way into this post.

      when I leave this place, I hope I have a few orchids with me – that’s a REAL graduation gift in my humble obzervashun!



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