El Hadhra: Sufi concert in Tunis

Thought this great find deserved a reblog… wishing I was there… sigh!

Clouds of Tunisia

Last week, my boyfriend Wadii excitedly told me that there was going to be a Sufi music concert by the well-known Tunisian group El Hadhra at the grand Theatre Municipal in downtown Tunis. I had to leave my French class early (my teacher was not happy), but it was absolutely worth it. At least I was doing something else that was culturally enriching, right?

Sufi music is actually the first encounter with Islam that I ever had in my life. My mom’s close friends Phil and Helen live north of Seattle, WA, and have been involved in a multitude of beautiful, diverse, fascinating multicultural and intercultural activities for all of their lives- although calling their passions activities seems wrong somehow. When I was a child, I remember visiting them and hearing Sufi music, which for a little girl from Montana is about as exotic as it gets.

It still is…

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