Language Police/Teaching

Another gem from my friend at Simplycomplex. Writing wisdom well worth the read!


It’s nice to know other people out there have the same passion for language as I do. Communication is a wonderful thing, seeing your ideas put on paper, watching them grow from letters to words and sentences. The whole process fascinates me. Not to say that things need to be perfect, I’m a repeat writing offender myself. My sentence structure is good, but not great, and the obsession I have for commas is extremely strange. My capability of run-on sentences and other blatant linguistical abuse can be outstanding at times.

A semi colon? Can’t say I’ve used many my whole life, with the passionate way I create lists and form sentences it’s definitely something I should look into. Grammar as a whole isn’t one of my strong suits, another reason I’ve been considering going back to school, but it isn’t something I take to heart. Personally I blame the way…

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