Peace of Mind Comes when Peace Is On Our Mind

silent prayer in stillness and peace

Buddha in Stillness K.L. © 2013

… I love this statue of Buddha. I love the peace I feel when I see it, when I am in its presence, when I think about what it means. For me, it means ‘make your own stillness’. Find the time to do this and peace will find you. Stillness allows us to give a name to whatever is keeping us from stillness. If we are gentle enough, diligent enough, aware enough, those block can become gateways to learned lessons, the bridge stretched across the chasm between ego and enlightenment.

Each time I see this statue, I name the thing keeping me from my own stillness, my own peace. I name it, but do not judge it. I simply observe where my mind goes when I ask it to consider this thing, and then I let go…

K.L. © 2014

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