The 2014 “Too Cool For School” Award

For blogs that are 'just too cool' K.L. copyright 2014

For blogs that are ‘just too cool’
K.L. copyright 2014

Like most of us here on WordPress, I like to toss in a ‘tag’ here and there to see which posts and/or blogs come up. It is always exciting to come across posts and/or blogs that spark my imagination, or get me to think a bit more deeply on topics, some of which are topics I might not have considered much in the past.

Recently, I found a blog that gave me the sense I had stumbled onto something not only interesting, exciting, and thought-provoking, but well written, funny, sad, courageous, beautiful, deep, light, fun.
At the end of one post, I felt compelled to add a comment. That comment was: ‘You’re too cool for school’. The author, Erin, replied, I wish you would tell my teachers that’. To this I replied that I would, and this is that message to not only her teachers, who hopefully have seen or will at some point see her amazing blog, but to all of you who have graced my blog with views, comments, support.

I think Erin is a talented blogger, a gifted writer, a gift period for what I have read on her site. Her words are powerful, inspiring, challenging, refreshing. Her brilliant spirit shines through with each posting she makes.

For these reasons, I have created the ‘Too Cool For School Award’ and Erin, oh, whose blog is called: ‘Moxie in the Making’ (how cool is that?) is its first recipient.

Now, I want to add the following disclaimer just in case her teachers feel ‘too cool for school’ suggests one shouldn’t go to school. That is not what this award is meant to signify at all!
The ‘Too Cool For School Award’ simply means its recipient has demonstrated abilities beyond those of mortal (wo)man and should be commended for said abilities. Much respect to those teachers, parents, friends, siblings who assisted in her learning process… from past, to present, and if she so chooses, future academics.

Lastly, my hope is this much deserved award will inspire Erin and anyone who questions whether their one, little voice can reach out and inspire others… it can.

Erin’s ‘Moxie in the Making’ did! Check it out, you’ll see what I mean…

K.L. 2014

2 thoughts on “The 2014 “Too Cool For School” Award

  1. Oh my gosh. You just made my day! I’m totally counting this as my first award, and it’s going on my About page! Thank you!!! Your blog always makes me smile, but today even more so than usual!


  2. Reblogged this on Moxie In The Making and commented:
    I just received my first blogging award! (It may be an award created for me, but it totally counts!! The bestower is BEYOND AWESOME in every way! Plus, being the first to receive it also makes me the youngest, shortest, tallest, smartest, newest, and every other -est blogger to receive this award! How fun is that??) Thank you so much!!

    My readers are the coolest. Honestly, who else has readers this full of spectacular wit and moxie?? I love you guys. You’ve made me laugh, cry, beam, and cry some more, and, for that, I’m eternally grateful! Thanks for all the support. Keep writing your inspiring posts, and keep commenting, because I love getting to know you wonderful people!

    With love,


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