It’s The End of Mankind, But I Hope Not!

It's only what you define it as and nothing more! K.L. copyright 2012

It’s only what you define it as and nothing more!
K.L. copyright 2012

So, I got asked by my buddy Noh the other day why I reblogged the ‘Mankind’s Tombstone’ post. He thought it felt really dire(his word) and apocalyptic.

I had to explain to him that while, yes, it does feel like both of those things, dire and apocalyptic, I also felt and still feel hopeful because of its message.

We don’t have to look far for evidence that this beautiful, blue, bubble bouncing its way through time and space, is being systematically destroyed by mankind. The evidence is all around us and I feel like it would be ‘beating a dead horse’ (yeah, I know) to list all the ways, or even some of the ways, we humans are doing this.

One of my favorite recent movies, ‘Prometheus’, by director extraordinaire Ridley Scott, tackles the notion: What if our creators, after all these years, came back to check in on us and found us really lacking, lacking to the point where they decided our inability to make peace with one another, share the world we’d been given without conditions, have undying respect for nature and ourselves, meant they  felt it necessary to return to earth and , well, take us out of the picture and ‘start all over again’?(that last bit is kind of my take on…. the Engineers… oops, not to spoil things for anyone stumbling across my words getting ready to see the movie for the first time!)

The scenario above? That is the ‘dire and apocalyptic’ for me too. You wouldn’t catch me celebrating life if I knew my Creators were coming to put an end to the party. I’d be pretty bummed out, believe me.

All that to say I would still feel hopeful. Mankind has done horrendous things to both himself and nature, but I choose to be one of those members of mankind who sees us getting out s**t together before we are faced with a scenario of that magnitude. You know, all dire and apocalyptic…

When will that be? I’m not going to predict it. What I will do is continue to feel it, and pray it, and say  it, and share it over and over, whenever I can in the hope that there are countless others like me.

You know, hopeful and stuff.

K.L. copyright 2014

6 thoughts on “It’s The End of Mankind, But I Hope Not!

  1. I wonder sometimes if DNA has anything to do with it? Not to say I can’t get ‘down’, but there seems to be a spring set at the bottom of my psyche propelling me back up every time. My ‘fail-safe’, I suppose…

    As for the new background…yes, it is kind of trippy… that’s me up top, trying to take it all in from a meditative stance!


    1. We need only remember that the dark ‘received its orders’ from the same Source we received ours.
      The dark has the unenviable job of reminding us that the light exists.
      I think Eleanor had it right. The dark is not to be feared. Respected? yes. But no more than we respect the light!

      thank you for that reminder!


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