Down in the Sea of Me

the emotional seas... K.L. © 2012

the emotional seas…
K.L. © 2012

I say it all the time, I never tire of visiting the sea. There is no better medicine for curing what ails me than a trip to the water. And when the seas look like they do in this picture, when I get to hear the cacophonous sounds created by massive waves pounding into the shore, it’s a music unlike any other on this earth.

The day I captured this shot, I had no reason to believe my choosing to make a trip to the beach would end up with me, mouth open, eyes wide, just taking in this amazing light and deafening sounds.

I remember the scent of water in the air, how it carried its own reminders that the sea is a living, breathing entity. Beneath these rolling waves, countless creatures are as at home as I am in my ‘urban aquaticka’.

Yes, this was one of those mornings where my mind instantly cleared itself of everything, as if in preparation to file and catalog a million different sensations down in the sea of me.

K.L. © 2014

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