Remember Who Got You Here!


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Remembering My Mother
K.L. © 2013

I am a few days past this year’s ‘expiration date’, yet I hope sharing a memory related to mothers never grow sour, or tired, or out of style. I am indebted to Diana at for the inspirational waves rising up off of the pages of her two posts connected to mothers- both her own and others.

I wanted to share a tale that is more indirectly about my own mother. It has to do with a somewhat younger me and how I had just made a huge transition in my life. You know, the type of transition which can leave a person stripped of armor, finally aware that old illusions, truths, and pathways are in need of replacement? That was me at a particular time in life, about to be ‘taken to school’ by a friend and teacher who offered me words that still ring true today and every day.

I was struggling with life, with my life, with that armor I mentioned earlier, so desperately in need of replacing. To my friend/teacher, I commented how I thought the roots of my frustrations could be traced back to ‘roots’, home, family things.

The mark of a true friend? They will have the courage to tell you what you need to hear, which is not, oftentimes, what you want to hear. My friend, on that bright, sunny day, turned to me after listening to me lament my situation from a place of despair, said the following:

“Don’t you realize it is your mother who gave you the ultimate gift? What she’s given you cannot be matched, now or ever, by anyone or any thing you will ever have in your life. Your mother bought you into this world. When Life asked her if she would take on this magnificent task of bringing you to this planet, she said yes! That is the beginning, middle, and end of the story. You, my friend, are here today because your mother said yes to bringing you here, to this life you are currently living.”

He really did stop there, too. I don’t suppose the message could have been any more powerful had he added more.

I have to admit, it took me a minute,or a month, I don’t recall which- to fully grasp this new truth floating around in my head. I did, though- I got it and I continue to ‘get it’ and hold it, and celebrate it, and be grateful for it.

My mother is no longer here on this ‘plane’, at least not in a physical sense, but is she alive in me? You betcha!

I owe my love of music to her, my love of the written word to her, my love of singing… to her and each time I access these gifts, I know she is here… smiling her half-smile as if she knew it all along, that eventually I would remember…

and I do,

I remember who got me here…

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and all the mothers of the world!

K.L. © 2014

4 thoughts on “Remember Who Got You Here!

    1. Thanks, Keith. Much appreciated. Hey, I knew you wrote music, but I didn’t tie it together to singing as well? I keep threatening to add a song or two of mine to the site, then my knees start to shake and…well! Is there anywhere I might hear you?


      1. “Putting music to words, and words to pictures”
        where music symbolizes “the arts” in the ethereal realm.
        Sorry, I don’t write music, but yes, I do like lyrical poetry.
        It seems – my rhymes and times are my specialty, and
        easily lend themselves to a tune, although, far as I know,
        no one is singing my words. My mom played piano and
        my dad led the singing in church, as we were growing up.
        I learned harmonies early on, then played a little guitar.

        My knack is “guess that tune” from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.
        I am quick, and my memory of music continues to amaze even me.
        So, like you, I inherited a musical ability, and a good ear.

        🙂 Happy Friday! Cheerz, Keith


        1. That’s what I get for assuming, but I based it on your style of poetry which, in my music-minded mind, would lend itself to songs quite easily. That’s kind of amazing you can recall so much music from such a wide span of years… For me it’s more like, if I hear it once, I never forget where the melody came from.
          Happy Friday back at cha!


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