The Gift of Stillness

Wow. Been here and done that! Back pain is no joke, but neither is never being able to walk, or run,or so many of the things we moderately health, mobile folks get to do without thinking about them… My thanks to geweyes for posting this extremely important reminder!


Yesterday I strained my back.  It’s strange what one false move can mean.  Our backs are so strong and yet, simultaneously so excruciatingly delicate. The first hours, amidst the pain, all I could think about were the things I couldn’t do.   I can’t walk which means, I can’t shovel mulch, I can’t lift the baby (well I figured out I CAN—today anyway—-, it just takes some planning and careful execution) I can’t plant my peppers, I can’t load the kayak for our float this weekend.  Can’t, can’t, can’t.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I”m not a “can’t” person.  I’m a can, person.  So this sudden “can’t” mentality really got me down.  Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of assuming the worst when something happens.  I thought:  I hurt my back which probably means I slipped or busted a disc (whatever those are) which means I might never be…

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