The Beautiful Artwork of Carol Holtzman Fregoso

amazing artwork from the CAA ceramics show K.L. © 2014

amazing artwork from the CAA ceramics show
K.L. © 2014

Easily, I recall seeing this piece of artwork at a ceramics show earlier this year. I didn’t have to think about it too much, whether or not I liked it. The power and beauty emanating from it all but forced me to stop and consider it from all angles. Yes, I liked it then and I still like it.

In my eyes, it says so many things: Sisterhood, mothers, woman, women- bound together in a stance of support, of compassion, of mercy. I’d love to think my photo relays the powerful impression I felt in those first moments, yet looking at it now, I can see that my photo only tells a portion of the story.

To my great fortune, the artist and creator of this and a number of other equally amazing pieces, was in attendance at the show that Sunday morning. Funny how the artwork can oftentimes say so much about the one who created it. My curiosity at an all time high, I approached the woman who made this magnificent piece, and asked her what inspired its creation.

Needless to say, her answer was not what I had expected:

The piece in this photo and the majority of others she had on show, were inspired by a friend of hers who had recently passed away. She had been very close to this friend for a number of years and through dreams she began having after her friend’s passing, became inspired and ‘instructed’ to create what she created.

She told me that at first she couldn’t get a handle on the dreams, the images, the ‘message’ coming to her, but eventually she did, and once she began to ‘listen’, this extraordinary art literally poured from her.

I could tell in the way she recounted the story, the emotion behind her words, that sharing the story was not easy. The experience was too fresh at the time, yet share it she did and I thanked her several times for giving me such a gift. I told her I would cherish it and I do, and always will.

The artist’s name is Carol Holtzman Fregoso. I don’t, unfortunately, have the original name of the piece. I took to calling it the Sisters of Mercy because that’s what it makes me think of for whatever reason. I hope she doesn’t mind!

It’s possible, as I have done in the past, that I will share a few more of the photos I took of Carol’s work.

If you like it or want to know more, I’m including the following link, an artist’s statement of Carol and her work/biography.

K.L. © 2014


2 thoughts on “The Beautiful Artwork of Carol Holtzman Fregoso

  1. What an extraordinary story, leading to an inspirational piece of art. Thanks for sharing it. I’d love to see more photos of her work.


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