Success… in the eye of the beholder?

Really like this… found at sherinaspeaks.
Kinda makes me wonder how many of us take that trip inside to find our success?

Are you successful when your bank balance is longer than your phone number? Or are you successful when you are doing things that make you happy?

Is success your net worth, or your self worth?

Of course, the answers to these questions vary depending on your outlook on success, but to me, success is  internal.  My personal definition of success is doing things that make me happy, and doing things that help or inspire other people.

Because I believe this, success will never be about how many people know my name – it’s about who knows my name, and what value and memories they hold to it. I will never look at success as an end goal – a number, a title, an achievement. I will look at it for what it is: a journey, and an embodiment of all of my experiences on that journey.

The idea of success…

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