In a World of Colors …

It's what we carry in our hearts that matter most! K.L. © 2014

In a world of colors… each and every one matters…
K.L. © 2014

It’s been ‘a minute’ since I’ve posted, and for me, making the distinction is important on several levels. While I always enjoy adding to this virtual library of my cataloged thoughts, Life herself oftentimes insists I step away and tend to … well the other facets of me which occasionally need tending to!

I’ve, through the years, read plenty of pieces where individuals muse over the notion that we can’t be ‘all digital’ in a world still beholden to the occasional ‘analog’ experience. I liked that concept years ago when I first discovered it, and I like it now- especially now as this world we live in seems to shift invisible gears on a more constant basis than ever before.

Growing up in nature as I did, I never questioned nature’s power to step right in and slow me down to its pace, to its rhythm.

Scientists call it ‘circadian rhythm’. The term speaks to our biological clocks’ ability to sync itself to the pulse of the planet, our day and night cycle, or remind us in some ingenious ways when we’re not synced!

The moment after I took the picture of the scarves you see above, a woman asked me why I took it. I turned to her and explained that color has always moved me, it’s always fascinated me. As an artist in several mediums, color ‘speaks to me’. Each and every one tells it’s own specific story, has it’s own ‘vibe’ or emotional quality.

I didn’t need to say more because she ‘got’ what I was talking about- she was an artist too, I learned. Before she left me, she did ask me what I would do with the photo. At the time, I didn’t know and said as much. She quietly accepted my answer and we went our separate ways off into the day.

Looking at the picture now, I feel like I’ve found a perfect place to hang it, on the virtual wall of this blog! The words here coming to me in their own sweet time and I’ve accepted them as such.

In a world of colors… each and every one matters.

K.L. © 2014

3 thoughts on “In a World of Colors …

    1. You are one to talk..and yes, you are one I like to hear talk! Hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend, Keith. I’ll take care of all of me ONLY if you do the same?
      …I know you will!



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