Standing in the Purpose

standing in the purpose, knowing it might be a long haul, but smiling anyway! K.L. © 2014

standing in the purpose, knowing it might be a long haul, but smiling anyway!
K.L. © 2014

I found this fascinating sculpture, with camera in tow, a few years back. I like making names for my ‘discoveries’, hoping my newly created titles don’t clash too much with the ones given by the discovery’s actual creators. I, unfortunately don’t have this one’s real name!

This bronze(?) creation of hulking giants shifting, pulling, twisting and turning the gears of war of industry(could be either, or) bring to my mind the word, ‘perseverance’.

To my eye, their stances, their actions suggest a herculean task is before them and they know it will not, in any way-shape-or form, get done unless they stand in the purpose of the task and take that first step, make that first move, see not so much the hard work involved in getting the task done- the hard work is the only absolute variable!

Instead, again- to my eye, they seem to hold a stance which says: Our eyes are on the prize, that final outcome, that end result that will come further on down the road.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen my share of these types of tasks. The ones that, from the outset, I knew would require a whole other level of my ability to word hard, my commitment and yes,my perseverance. Tasks where the hard work was simply part of the parcel and I, in my mind, had already said my yes to it.

Standing in the purpose of completing a task in life can sometimes require a deeper physical, mental or even spiritual preparation, preparation that ultimately rewards us with the strength, energy,commitment and perseverance we need to see it through.

yes, I got all that from this sculpture!

…didn’t you?

K.L. © 2014

4 thoughts on “Standing in the Purpose

  1. You pick such interesting pieces to share with us, and then make them so much better with your interpretations of them! I love the amount of awesome art and culture your blog exposes us to!


    1. Thanks for your kind words! I feel fortunate to have the means to share many of the thing in life I enjoy from words, to photography, to artwork/graphics. You possess the same gift! I look forward to seeing what new thought evolve in my head because of the fantastic bloggers I follow such as yourself!


  2. I think you’d fit quite well in that group. 🙂 Really! They look to be your/our type/genetic of athletes.
    On another note, an editor lady friend of mine cautioned me about using “that” overmuch.
    This is one of your better writes. See what you think. Just sayin’…peace.


  3. I’d fit in this group only if I were eight feet tall, made of bronze, and had muscles of steel! (the kind which don’t require workouts…ever!)

    As for the ‘word choice’, the use of ‘that’, I actually agree with you! In this post I made the conscious choice to ‘throw it to the wind’… I oftentimes do without thought to extensive editing. I will edit this one though- just as soon as my Muse whispers a new solution to me! Oddly enough, as my first novel reaches the finish line, your advice is really going to come in handy!

    Thanks Keith! (via your editor friend!)


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