A Butterfly at Rest in a Sea of Green

a butterfly's at rest in a sea of green- K.L. © 2014

a butterfly’s at rest in a sea of green-
K.L. © 2014

This photo comes from the first day I headed out with my new Nikkor 85 mm macro lens. It is possible to ‘simulate’ macro or extreme close up photography without a dedicated macro lens, but all the evidence my research had turned up suggested my close ups would shift to a new level of accuracy and detail with a macro lens.

Fortune was with me the day I took these photos as I found myself in a city doing a ‘butterfly show’ in their conservatory of flowers. I caught the final week of the show. (The right place at the right time?)

The online ad I found and read days earlier made the prospect irresistible, with the promise of some forty different varieties of butterfly. I’m going to admit it, no, I didn’t know there were forty varieties! (How about this factoid: In the US alone, there are over seven hundred and fifty species !!!) Suddenly it wasn’t just about the picture taking anymore. I wanted to reproduce that scene in Avatar where Jake gets covered with dozens of the ‘pure spirit’ creatures which resembled butterflies, sort of.

So, what was it like being in a room with forty varieties of butterflies? It was Awesome (with that capital first letter there!) I also found myself strangely calmed being in their vicinity. The plant and flower configuration no doubt were created with their needs in mind, but the flora didn’t distract in the least from the winged wonders.

Looking back, I realize I might have taken more photos than I did if I hadn’t reverted into the ten year-old version of myself for the main portion of my stay. Suffice it to say, there were enough giddy grownups on hand to make being my ten year-old self that day just fine.

Butterflies are beautiful creatures. For me, this goes without saying. What I got to see and record with the help of my new, trusty 85 mm macro lens only validated the truth of this a thousand times over.

K.L. © 2014


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