Courage: The Most Important Virtue

wonderful reminder from Rodeena Stephens, … glad I found you and this!

Rodeena Stephens

CourageIn the days following the death of Dr. Maya Angelou, a friend of mine posted a You Tube video entitled “Iconoclasts” on his Facebook page. It was an interview between Maya Angelou and comedian, Dave Chappelle. It is a 4-part interview and on this day I watched part 2. In this interview, Dr. Angelou shared many insightful thoughts; however, one statement in particular really grabbed my attention. She said courage is the most important virtue. “Without courage, we can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”

After given it much thought, I agree wholeheartedly. It takes courage to stand when feeling week. It takes courage to stand after a failure. It take courage to overcome in the midst of obstacles. It takes courage to worship God when going through a storm. It takes courage to reach goals when challenges arise. It takes courage to say yes, when we want to say…

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