The Rainbow in the Midst of Mist!

rainbows in the mist

rainbows, one more of Life’s subtle ways of offering inspiration. K.L. © 2014

Took this on an unusual day: foggy, misty, drizzling, beautiful in its way. On days like this, I tend to view the skies for those openings in the clouds willing to let a little blue come through. In my search, I did not expect the rapid formation of this sublime rainbow in my midst.

Did I find the proverbial ‘pot of gold’ at its end? Well, unfortunately I was nowhere near this rainbow’s end. It I had been, I wouldn’t have been presented with opportunity to snap this shot, I suppose.

Riches enough for that day!

K.L. © 2014

7 thoughts on “The Rainbow in the Midst of Mist!

  1. That is really odd. I didn’t even know a rainbow could “happen” under those circumstances.
    What was at the end, I wonder. Gorillas in the mist? With a bucket-full of golden bananas. 😉


    1. You, my friend are the rainbow and the gift at the end of the journey! And yes, I was fortunate enough to run into a gargantuan gobsmacking of genuflecting gorillas in the gray-tinted mist… with a bucket full of green bananas!

      p.s. I believe rainbows are a simple manifestation of light refracted through water particles suspended in air by flying leprechauns! (but that’s just an obzervashun!)


    1. Yes… it was a foreboding, broody, bewitching sort of morning with all the water in the air… I took the brightness down just a taste and still that beautiful rainbow shone through the mist!


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