Your Focus Determines Your UNIVERSE!

brilliant piece I discovered @ Jolley On the Inside

Jolley On the Inside

imanitheintern3 #Storytime :

Last Friday, I was a little bummed I left my headphones at home.

What will I listen to while on the bus to block out all the madness that occurs during rush hour?

But maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t a bad idea. I’ve been forced to observe my surroundings all day.

My Observation:

In the metro, while waiting to transfer over to the train going towards Largo, I noticed an old man. He was in a wheelchair and had a neck brace on, holding a sign in his hands. The sign read: “Help disabled veteran”. Right next to the bucket that he hoped people would leave money in.

I began to wonder:

How messed up can a country be to ask someone to fight for our safety but then allow that same person to suffer and beg for money because he got hurt on the job? Why…

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