Asian Art Museum Portrait: Time of the Andalusian Caliphs (Moors)

caliph, portrait, Moors, Andalusian history, fotographie, Berber

Moorish descendant from the Arab Caliphs in nineteenth century Spain?

I have a good friend who paints. He is fantastic with water colors, which I believe this portrait was done with. I may not be a painter, but can enjoy the occasional visit to a museum where I get to see outstanding art like this.

Update: I have it on good authority (thanks, U.T.!!!) the water color rendering I mention above is more than likely acrylic paint. Never let it be said I couldn’t ‘bend it like Beckham’; not a football/soccer ball, but my perceptions to new ways of thinking!

What I’ve also been told is there’s the chance the portrait is representative of the Moors of Spain, descended from the Arab Caliphs, circa early to mid nineteenth century. What I wouldn’t give to build my own time machine and travel back to this young man’s time. I’d find out if he actually posed hour upon hour, or maybe the artist rendered it from visual memory? I’d ask what was on his mind while the portrait took shape too!

I’m told it took two hundred years approximately, from around seven hundred AD to nine hundred AD for the Moors to transform the region of Spain which would become known as Andalusia. As someone who loves to cook and to eat, I can only imagine what it would have been like to witness (and to sample) the introduction of such foods as: lemons, ginger, apricots, figs, and apples- to name a few! Or to watch the creation of the magnificent mosques, libraries, universities and so much more…

well, the time machine is almost done… yeah, right!

K.L. © 2014

10 thoughts on “Asian Art Museum Portrait: Time of the Andalusian Caliphs (Moors)

  1. It’s really funny. I just got in and had thought of you while out. Planned to visit and then noticed your comment on the guest post. =) This is another lovely post of yours. Your friends must find you one of the most compassionate people around, the way you seek (and care) to enter others’ stories, experience their experience.



  2. Really? Thanks for that, Diana. Yes, friends do make me feel as though my heart is in the right place…strangers too. I have extraordinary encounters all the time. I appreciate both your wise words and your compassionate nature too. I notice time and again how effortlessly you respond from the heart to your visitors; how patient and gentle you are. It’s an awesome gift you’ve been blessed with. I have the feeling it will serve you well throughout your life.


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