How Mankind Eliminated Its Own Evolution

A fantastically thought-provoking post !

Making The World More Cynical

If you have a mindset close to mine, you’re probably wondering what possibly hides behind a title like this. You wonder how I’m going to structure a text, which deals with the nature and way of all existence and whether I actually succeed capturing this process that even we as a species haven’t fully grasped till now. Well, as with about 90% of all articles that are about to come, this is entirely opinion-based. And with a good chance, whether you like this post or not will depend on whether you agree with me or not. But as is the purpose of this Blog, I want you to critically evaluate it (and generally everything) and feel free to share your thoughts with us.

The way we humans are now, is a process of more than 13 billion years, in which matter emerged from nothing, expanded and finally formed (and still…

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