African Masks for Ceremonies, Rituals, Protection, and Rememberance


another beautiful African mask in the spotlight.

Museum visits always yield interesting treasure for me. Not in any ‘collectible sense’, more to the tune of what I come away with artistically; what I learn, and what I feel inspired by.  I couldn’t have imagined spending so much of my recent visit to the San Francisco Asian Art Museum in front of some of the most incredible African masks I’ve seen in a long time. This is not to say I didn’t spend time checking out everything else- I did. I just found myself returning time and again to stand before these incredible masks, feeling the power rolling off of them.

Several posts ago, I uploaded another photo of a mask I found fascinating during my visit. My friend Simon @ Liberian Me  (do check out his link/site a few words back – very cool!) shared with me that African masks are a great love of his! Years ago, he had one created for him for its protective energies. Since that time he told me his collection has grown quite a bit.  I can only imagine having a room full of masks like this one surrounding me, offering their vibrations, their energy… their beauty.

Simon, I’m hoping one day I get to see that collection!

K.L. ©2014

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