Whispering Words of Encouragement Because You Can!

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when was the last time you whispered words of encouragement?

Parrots, such as these two are for me, incredibly, crazily beautiful. My assessment comes from more than just the riotous colors; patterned like nothing else I can think of. Parrots such as these two get my vote for how they act; how these two acted as I raised my camera for a quick photograph.

I say it often here on my blog; I am as much an observer of the subjects I shoot as I am photographer of the subjects I shoot. Why? Well, I look at this picture and I see not just the color, or the setting, or the movements. I see intimacy, closeness, trust, friendship. In this shot I found myself imagining one friend attempting to uplift another; whispering words of encouragement, lending a helping hand(or beak, or claw, you know!)

Can you remember the last time you did a friend, a family member, a complete stranger ‘a solid’ like this? When was the last time you offered a kind word not because you knew it would get you something in return, but simply because you were able to do it, to say it, to be it for someone else?

I’ve gone to the zoo to see these two parrots a few times now. I always stop and check them out whether they are huddled together or off on their own. Individually, they standout in the looks department, but I will always be grateful that one day they offered me a photo op, which told another story; a story I imagined had to do with one friend whispering encouragement to another…

These guys can be found on a second posting of mine that deals with ‘Communication’ right here

K.L. © 2014

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