Sitting – the illusion of rest

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For most of my students, they sit at a desk for many hours per day.  Some don’t even sit at a desk – they look down at their pad or laptop from the couch or their bed.  It’s often thought that sitting gives your body a rest from standing.  In reality, sitting can be, and usually is, much worse for you than standing.  I want to show you how we have conditioned ourselves to “rest” by not engaging necessary postural muscles.  I then want to show you through using knowledge of anatomy and the Pilates method, how you can save your body and rid yourself of pain.


The anatomy of sitting is tricky because we have all developed our “comfortable” positions.  We cross our ankles, we lean forward, we tuck one foot under the other thigh, all in the pursuit of comfort while we are forced to sit and work…

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