Grand Tourismo: Porsche Trio Gleaming in the Sun at Santana Row

exotic cars, German made classics need for speed

Three Porsche beauties in the colors of the rainbow!

I have always been a fan of beautiful exotic cars. I love the look, the speed, and the fantasy aspect of them. I would love to tell you one of these three exotics belongs to me, or that all three do. Alas, they don’t, but I can admire from afar and return home satisfied. Besides, I always have my PS3 and Grand Tourismo when I feel a need for the speed!

This picture is the result of my being out for a walk  early last Saturday when I noticed a very clean Lamborghini followed by an equally stunning McClaren   pass me by, then turn into an opened pier along the Bay. In rapid-fire succession, an entire battalion of these exotic beasts seemed to show up out of nowhere, all aiming for the same pier! I asked an attendant of a neighboring pier what the event was, but she knew no more than I did. I ended up waiting until I got home to search. What I found was the Santana Row S.F. Exotic Car Show. I found myself with an hour to decide if I wanted to strap on the camera and go get some shots, or stay home for more Wimbledon tennis. (I did watch more tennis, but then felt guilty about it not being good enough reason to not go get some snaps!) This then is the first of several exotic car photos from that event.

Was it worth leaving Wimbledon tennis that Saturday?

yeah, it was indeed…

K.L. ©2014

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