Gratitude:The Road to Five Thousand and Beyond With a Ford GT Exotic in Front!

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deepest appreciation, love, and respect to all of you who made the time to visit Obzervashunal!
K.L. © 2014

The photo comes from the recent visit I made to the exotic car showing at Santana Row in San Francisco. With blue being my color of choice, I thought this awesome ride (Ford GT) an appropriate choice for a posting of gratitude and heartfelt thanks.

This post is to you all. It is for everyone who in these almost five months, bought me to an incredible five thousand hits and over two hundred-fifty followers! I want to tell you I appreciate all of it! I have met so many extraordinary writers, photographers, dancers, cyclists,enthusiasts from any and all types here in our virtual universe, it makes my head spin in wonder and delight! For all the times I questioned returning to blogging or on continuing this one, you’ve made me want to create more and brush up what has already been created. I hope in some small way, I have done the same for a few of you as well. I know I will continue to visit as many of you as I can with the expectation of more fascinating content to marvel at!

The Obzervashunal spins on in this galaxy of unbelievable stars! Thank you, my friends for all you do!

K’lee the Obzervashunal One…

K.L. © 2014

19 thoughts on “Gratitude:The Road to Five Thousand and Beyond With a Ford GT Exotic in Front!

    1. Brother! Just getting back from the weekend…thanks as always for your support and inspiration. I love your blog too! Best of luck to you in everything, I know you’re a star disguised as a human being!
      …and blue, man I would go crazy without my BLUE!


  1. It’s been a pleasure meeting you, K’lee! 🙂 I’ve enjoyed your friendship and conversation!

    A marvel to this old stump it is — how easy it is to trip around the world — something physically,
    I may never get to do. The Earth is so big. That car is so cool! I love dreaming in that vein, too.

    Have a great weekend, soul bro! Peace and luvz, Keith


    1. Hey Keith! It’s the same here… so glad I took a rest one day underneath your branches ’cause you shine so brightly!!!
      The weekend was nice…hopefully yours was too?
      Keep on doing what only YOU can do and the universe will be all right!


  2. Congratulations!! That’s fantastic! I know your beautiful posts and kind words have gone far and inspired many bloggers. Here’s to another 250 followers!


  3. Can’t believe I missed this wow. Congratulations miss you earned it. The fact that you posted a super car with some character makes me support you that muchmore. Will make sure to check back when you hit 10k.


    1. Hey, my friend! Thanks so much for your support with my humble little blog! I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I’ll keep following you too. Let’s both get to that 10K at the same time!
      The car? Yeah, wouldn’t say no if I was offered one! There’s another show heading my way next month. Me and my camera will be there!


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