The Honey Moon Closeup Without the Honey!

full moon early morning sky shot

A close up of last month’s ‘Honey Moon’. Up close and normal-looking! -K.L. ©2014


This is my first closeup of our earthly companion, the Moon. I know there are thousands, maybe millions of shots like this out there, but I’m still posting mine, cause… well, it’s my turn to post mine! …and, like I said, this is the first one that actually looks like the moon(taken with my own hands and camera attached and stuff!)

As for the other ‘Honey Moon’ shot in my arsenal, you’ll find it here

My goal is to learn technique enough to shoot sharp and clear at night with the aid of the moon’s luminous light …or not!

K.L. © 2014

14 thoughts on “The Honey Moon Closeup Without the Honey!

    1. She does! Her name is Lunavilla and she spends most of her time in the Quasar Nebula, but she said to tell you she’d be willing to visit earth for you… but only on Wednesdays… after sundown!


        1. And American Indian tribes believe there is a sky behind the sky we see. I tend to think in terms of dimensions as you know from one of my old posts… that notion of a whole bunch of ‘us-es’ existing simultaneously across myriad dimensions… I dig the Sumerians too!


  1. Reblogged this on Full Moon Flight Studio and commented:
    Happy Full Moon #2! To celebrate I contacted prolific and wonderfully humorous blogger K’Lee to ask permission to repost his blog on the results of his early experiments photographing the moon (not as easy a task to do well as it may seem). Great job and I look forward to more night photos on OBZERVASHUNAL!


    1. TOTALLY want to thank you for reblogging one of my posts! It is deeply appreciated. I hope you will be going out to witness the best HONEY MOON of the year, which happens Sunday night? I plan to be rested and ready with my trusty Nikon. Hopefully, I’ll have lots of shots to post!


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