What is Your Secret Victory?

A great post found at Love Notes from Cassie. Do you have a ‘secret victory’?

Love Notes from Cassie

Each of us has an inner light, and it glows deep within us. How much we connect with this light is evident in each of our lives. We each have a call to answer, a purpose to fulfill. It can be challenging to step into this power, intimidating, scary… why? Because it challenges us in the biggest way possible. Our purpose touches upon our biggest failures and resistances… our most intimate triumphs and secret victories.

For nearly 13 years, I dedicated my life to music. I was a piano performance major at one of the top conservatories in the country. I went on into a career in church music and piano teaching, and last year, I just completely burnt out. Yes, I love music. Yes, I’m really good at it. Yes, I think it can help people… but why wasn’t it the right path for me to continue in this way?

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8 thoughts on “What is Your Secret Victory?

  1. thanks for liking my blog! I like where you are going… lots of good stuff here. How did you find me? Just wondering, I think I am posting away in obscurity and wham! Someone cool says “hi”! Hi back!


    1. See there, you just never know… I like to search words and your blog post was listed under VICTORY. The post was incredible enough, I decided to check out the blog… keep doing what you do…it’s pretty cool too!


        1. I hope I got that right! I’d hate to have said it and then you check only to not see it there… I’m pretty sure though. Oh, I used the feature in the WordPress ‘Fresh Pressed’ sector to search for cool words/posts!


  2. I’m finding that searching random words(that mean something to me!) not only uncover great posts by others(!), but sometimes presents me with topics I might try my hand at later on down the road…


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