Rebirth in Yellow and Green

yellow green flowers,nature colors

There’s something about yellow and green in nature that makes me HAPPY!

Not much to say about this one… or two! Yellow and green in nature always feels right, kinda makes me happy for no reason. In my mind, the two colors are one of those combinations that seem to belong together. As a kid growing up in an environment which had a very real winter, I could always tell when Spring was about to arrive. I paid strict attention to Nature, looking for the signs to confirm my end-of-winter suspicions.

I guess we all associate certain colors with certain things. I said earlier yellow and green make me happy(for no reason!) There’s reason to it when I dig a little deeper: The Sun is yellow. It’s the Life Giver on the planet Looking back to the kid I was waiting for Spring, one of the signs that convinced me of its impending arrival had to be the change in light. The earlier sunrises, warmer sunrises, and the brightness of the sun once risen all had profound effects on me and still do to this day.

Greens have meaning too! I don’t have to venture too far- well, yes I do, to third grade and my Irish teacher, Mrs Mulcahey (sorry about the spelling if you’re reading this!) who upon learning my name was K’lee, greeted me each morning by calling me Kelly Green. For years I thought she had just made the word association up until I learned Kelly Green is an actual color! (what do you know?) Green will forever mean Nature to me, Mother Earth – home to us all.

If Winter bought blankets of white snow to coerce Nature into sleep, Spring bought back the greenery to the grass, the trees, bushes, and vines. I remember feeling Spring meant the Earth could begin breathing again… I still do!

So, those are a few of my associations with the colors yellow and green. I managed to dig up a couple of interesting (well to me!) links related to the topic:

For a bit more on the color yellow and its meanings and implications globally, click here

Want to know a little more on green meanings? click here

Lastly, the lovely Diana over at Holistic Wayfarer reminded me of the importance eating a variety of foods based on colors. They can do lots of good things for your body and mind! For a basic breakdown of some of the best known foods of many colors, click here

What do you think of while looking at the color yellow? How about the color green?

K.L. © 2014

17 thoughts on “Rebirth in Yellow and Green

  1. Yep, I was just thinking, “But they do make you happy with good reason” when you got there. =) It’s amazing. Each color offers its own nutrients in food. The grapes aren’t purple for nothing. Green – even to look at, not just to consume – is healing for the liver, among other things (blood, etc). Lovely pix and thoughts, K!


    1. Thanks, D. As always you offer fantastic insight and ‘food for thought’ to my meager little postings! Funny you mention color variants in food and their nutritive values. I find myself paying lots more attention to this topic and in turn, the foods I eat, the herbs and spices I use and what they offer my body. Latest discovery? Turmeric!


  2. If joy was a color it would be yellow and green is the vibrancy of lfe. I love your word placements! As I have begun my journey to a healthier me, I have noticed the enjoyment I find in eating colorful dishes. I will be checking out the link you provided about making food choices according to colors. Thanks for your light!


    1. You are most welcomed and thank you for the kind words! Yes, I too am in the midst of personal transformation, committing myself to incorporating better foods, giving my creativity room to grow, and honoring Life by living from gratitude. I’m finding the more I do these things, the deeper my sense of connectedness goes with everyone I come in contact with. I’d love to hear more on your food discoveries! For instance, two of my recent finds are turmeric and cayenne pepper. I also have returned to a fantastic book I found years ago called, ‘Eat Right For Your Type’. I highly recommend it!


      1. Thanks for the recommendation. I too have found myself more connected to others, as if the energy of being awake and aware draws you in with like minded people. As different as we are, we are the same. Our hearts are the common place. I love the space that I am in now, even with being unsure, sometimes lost even. There is peace in being aware, peace in the awarenss of God. I’m glad to have met you.


        1. Likewise! Glad to have met you. Excuse my brief absence these past days. Glad to see your comment here. I am like you in that I love the space I’m currently in… Every day is teaching me new things about myself and the world. I wouldn’t change that for anything. I agree there is peace in awareness. I seek it out every day. Best of life and love to you!


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