The High Priestess of Soul


Who knows what one will see in the heart of a flower? K.L.

Been catching up some of my other projects. Like you guys and gals, creating balance in life is essential to me, and I’ve not always been the best at it, but never let it be said I’m not open to continually learning how to be better at it. Catching up other projects may lead to publishing some completely new things here soon… we’ll see!

As for this shot, I like doing macros or close-ups of flowers. I tend to imagine all sorts of images buried in their designs. I call this one, “High Priestess of Soul” because it reminds me … well, of a High Priestess mesmerizing those who have come to see her.. The word soul, it seems, is never far from my lips, so I tossed it in there and what do you know? It all kind of fits to me!

I am once more indebted to my friend Keith over at Uncle Tree  , for sparking my brain into recalling another High Priestess of Soul.

The one I speak of now possessed all the magical, mystical, and soulful energy and personality as my newly named orchid photograph. I speak of none other than the utterly remarkable Nina Simone.

Nina came into this world back in 1933, and left us in 2003. What she left behind musically is so far beyond the possibilities of my paltry and humble blog to attempt explaining, I leave those of you wishing to know a little more with a few links I think will help explain far better than I can.

For a full on breakdown of just what Nina Symone was about and continues, through her music, to be about, do the click thing here

I would be remiss to offer links and not have one of them offer the opportunity of a listening experience.This link will take you to the Mixcloud site of Rai Chaudhuri. Click here and see if you agree with the moniker given to Nina Symone early in her career, The High Priestess of Soul.

K.L. © 2014

14 thoughts on “The High Priestess of Soul

      1. Oh, yo! You’re welcome, K’lee! 🙂 Things are fine — weather? Damn hot! The heat index yesterday was 113. Today, it’s only 100. Much better, LoL

        Best wishes to you and your projects! Don’t hurry anything on our account. I did ask a lady artist just yesterday if I could borrow a photo of hers. She said yes! So, I do have something to think about, and work on, once the Spirit moves my mood, and my muse is mercifully amused. 😉 Take care, bro!


  1. Wow! Thanks so much for this information and leading me to the website of the “High Priestess of Soul”. I impatiently await the film’s release.


    1. Hi Shery! You’re welcomed. I’m glad I found that site, both of them, really. It’s nice to see someone take time to bring all the facts about Nina’s life together on a well-made website and to also find someone who enjoys her legacy enough to make a sound page dedicated to her music. Like you, I’m waiting for the movie to come out. I’ll admit, as much as I respect the beautiful and talented Zoe Saldana for all the work she’s done so far on the screen, when I heard India Arie was mentioned or actually up for the part, I wanted to see it happen… especially since she is a musician and singer. I guess time will tell?


      1. India Arie is a remarkable singer/songwriter and she would be an excellent choice for the role. She’s really soulful. I would be even more keen to see the movie with her as the lead.I really learned a lot about Nina from that website – quite a few similarities to Maya Angelou and even Josephine Baker, I think.


        1. I’m going to hold on to the hope that one day India might still get the chance! Nina Symone, Maya Angelou, and Josephine Baker, three extraordinary Women of Color. Let’s hope the movie with Zoe gives Nina her just dues. Then Maya deserves one!


          1. Ah, so Zoe has already made the cut! It will be interesting to see her in that role. Yep, I sense a Maya movie may be out in the not-too- distant future!


          2. Yes, not only has Zoe gotten the part, but the buzz got ugly for a minute with people saying the choice was ‘uninspired’ and did no justice to Nina. On the other hand, it’s a chance for an actor to ‘bring it’ and quiet the critics at the same time, so we’ll see.
            As for a movie on Maya? I don’t doubt that at all! She was a mentor to Oprah, and if anybody can make that a reality… and in no time flat?


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