Beautiful Courtesan Painting by Caroline R. Young!

Nikon photography artwork

painting of a courtesan in a royal court

I need to do a better job at getting the names of all the artists whose work I shoot. This one was part of an outdoor festival earlier this year. Unfortunately, the artists last name is not known to me… her first name is! That name would be Carol. So, Carol, if you somehow stumble across my page and see a shot of your work, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment and any data about yourself or your work that you wish to share?

…just trying to give the credit where credit is due!


So I finally found the information I needed to pay tribute to this exceptional artist! Her full name is Caroline R. Young. This piece is called, ‘Farewell My Concubine’. I am going to assume the movie of the same name from some years ago may have provided inspiration for the title. Either way, it feels as though all is right with my blogging world having found Caroline’s full name!

As an added bonus, I include a link to Caroline’s website if like me you want to see and learn more about her wonderful artwork.

K.L. © 2014

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