Love, Faith, Hope, and Compassion are all Stronger than Pride

King Lion Pride

Love, Faith, Hope, and Compassion are all stronger than pride!

There is of course the remarkable song by the eternally beautiful songstress, Sade called, ‘Stronger Than Pride’. I’m a big fan of their music, enough so that when creating this graphic, these three words (and a picture of a lion) made perfect sense to me.

Why does pride have so much power? Why do we, some of us, allow pride the power we do? I didn’t start this post with those questions in mind, but I love word associations, and once this title came to me, the questions came naturally.

Love, Faith, Hope, and Compassion and the pride we sometimes allow to block these beautiful gifts from bringing light to our lives and to the lives of those we care for… I wanna be stronger than my pride, hell, I am.

just a bit of word association!

Oh, and in honor of cestlavieladypatience  who got me to thinking more on Sade’s timeless music, I leave you with the song that provided the inspirational connection, as it were

click the link below for Sade’s, “Stronger Than Pride’


K.L. © 2014

11 thoughts on “Love, Faith, Hope, and Compassion are all Stronger than Pride

    1. Thanks for the comment on the post and for being a Sade fan!

      There’s only ONE Sade. Yes, like you, I don’t think I could name a single favorite song. They’re all good.

      A quick Sade story:
      Back in ’02, they set the world on fire by coming out of ‘retirement’ for a world tour. When tickets went on sale in Northern Cali, I told myself it was a ‘no-brainer’ to just go get them. Know what I did? I waited, I waited until it was next to impossible to get good seats, and that’s exactly what I got, not so good seats! Still, I enjoyed the show and the ‘newcomer’ opening act, a young woman by the name of India Irie who was absolutely amazing and funny as hell.

      Fast forward a few months and Sade returned for a few more shows! Did I wait? Nooooo. I parked my butt in front of my computer ten minutes before tickets went on sale.
      Outcome? fifth row center…

      One of the best concert experiences of my life…


        1. Well, I’m gonna say this ’cause I truly believe it:
          Be careful of the statements you make about your ‘state of being’, Life has a way of listening in and bringing us more of what we declare to be true!

          In the meanwhile, I’m going to start picturing you getting to see Sade when they perform again. I know it’s going to happen!


  1. I think it’s okay to be proud of others, so not all pride is negative.
    For sure, I knew when my Dad was proud of me, so I learned to love achieving
    goals, and longed to make him feel that way again. Pride and self-esteem
    get mixed up a bit. Accomplishments make us feel good. Call that feeling
    what you will, it is a healthy state of mind, and it is good for one’s soul.


    1. What a great reply, Keith! Thank you for that!

      When I was considering ‘pride’ in the context of this post, I guess what was coming to my mind were the instances where we allow ‘unsubstantiated’, or shallow, or potentially harmful pride to get in the way of loving another, or maintaining our faith (either in another or spiritually), or allowing hope to lead us to things to ultimately be proud of – like your Dad being proud of you, and lastly when it stops us from either having compassion towards another or allowing compassion to exist within our being… I guess that’s the kind of pride I seek to stay vigilant of.
      Pride as an off shoot of self-esteem is a beautiful thing, so I agree with you there. Achieving goals, accomplishing something we’ve worked hard and sacrificed to complete? Yes, I know I feel good when I’m in that space too.
      Again, you are right to say this is healthy… so long as no one else suffers because of our actions…

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  2. Speaking of passions… 😉 I have the new one up today.

    “so long as no one else suffers because of our actions…”
    How many disciples lost their heads for Christ’s sake?
    JC set the bar high, and to a certain extent, we all suffer for it.

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    1. Could it be because they loved Him; were ‘proud’ of Him and the Faith, Love, Hope, and Compassion he embodied, those disciples were willing to lay down their lives?

      What is a mere human lifetime in the face of eternal spiritual devotion such as theirs?

      Yes, JC set the bar high, but never asked us to ‘suffer’ for Him (is my humble take on His story).


      1. You’re right. JC didn’t ask us to suffer,
        He just asks us to drop everything and follow Him.

        Doesn’t mean we should lose our heads in the meantime. 😉
        I don’t want to uphold Death. I don’t need to. No sting? Game over.
        I uphold Life as I uphold my branches. Always reaching…

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        1. I take it as Him asking us not so much to ‘drop everything and follow Him’, but drop everything that is not representative of the Divine which already exists in each of us.
          He, in my humble opinion, seemed to be on a mission to instill in his disciples and ultimately us, the notion:

          All I do and have done(miraculous) is within you to do… We are all Creators on this Earth… The religious order of His time were terrified of simple citizenry becoming empowered through radical ideology such as JC’s.


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