Boats Don’t Rock When the Passengers Are Still

sea calm peaceful stillness clouds

boats don’t rock when the passengers are still.

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a new …post! Editing a three hundred- plus page novel is… many things all at once and one at a time. For me, it’s necessary to continually remind myself how far I’ve come not only in the process of creating this novel, but how far I’ve come in rewriting the parts of me that needed a ‘new script’.  The book is coming along and I’m coming along right beside it.

I guess I chose this particular photo, me once more communing with the Sea, because it is one of my visual reminders to constantly seek out ways to return to stillness. I find when I approach doing anything from a place of stillness, the results are automatically enhanced because the stillness brings with it automatic ‘now-ness’. In other words- I stay present in the task, in the doing, in the being phase of things. From this place, I can easily find the simple joy in the most challenging of tasks.

Boats don’t rock when the passengers are still? The title floated right up out of me, right as rain.

If you find yourself in a boat full of holes, or one shaking itself to bits (metaphorically and hopefully not in any actual sense!), I suggest looking for a way to find your stillness, your center. You just might find yourself creating a solution you never imagined you could create!

K.L. ©2014

6 thoughts on “Boats Don’t Rock When the Passengers Are Still

  1. Very beautifully said! I have plans to write a novel but still haven’t started the writing phase. So I speak not from experience – but even so, I imagine the editing phase to be tedious and trying. This is where you will polish the product until it is shiny and ready for consumption, until it’s said perfectly. Is it just how you like it yet? Or another edit?? Yikes! This is part of the reason I have a degree in Mathematics, a QED means we’re done here and move a long hahaa. All the best in your editing adventure, I marvel at your ability to regularly update the blog while working on your book. Keep up the great work!! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Zachary! Hey, what do you mean ‘you have plans to write it’? You can do it! You are correct about the editing phase. It is a (sometimes)lonely,tedious and trying (all those great words- see that’s the beginning of a novel right there!)exercise in humility and patience. I relish it though because this is when the real ‘hidden gems’ start to appear, the character’s true voices start coming forth-demanding things, the world these characters inhabit begins to breath and pulse with life. I’m in the thick of that right now and honestly? I would have it no other way. I am very close though, close enough to have started the organizing phase of book two (it’s a series of three!). My brother, a Computer Scientist, tends to be much more mathematically-minded than I ever was. He use to tell me he didn’t have a creative bone in his body. He taught me how to build computers(!) and I use to be terrified of the Math involved! As for the blog… yes, it’s not easy pinching off bits of time to keep it up, but fortunately, I have awesome folks like you offering commentary and support to my humble little blog… so I’ve gotta keep it going too!
      Thanks again, Zachary. This comment, today really does help today feel better!


      1. So I’ve been writing my blog for 6 months now and have 70-something entries. My first ‘book’ will just be an ebook, incorporating and expanding upon some of the popular topics. Not a novel such as yours with characters and their intertwining back stories. Who knows in the future I make write one of those, I LOVE short character exploration stories like Siddhartha, and The Alchemist. Thanks for the support and likes on my page. Keep up the great work. How much longer until you finish this phase of editing? Suerte!


        1. Seventy something entries in six months? Hey, that’s fantastic! As for e-books, I’m sold on the idea. It’s an opportunity to have complete control over your creation if you so desire. I also am a fan of the short story form. You might have something doable by taking the ‘best of the best’ of your topics and bringing them together into a book. Siddhartha I have not read yet, but I love the Alchemist. You’ll have to let me know how things progress? You have a great idea. I believe it can work!

          As for me and an exact time frame? That’s a hard one to answer! I’d like to say I am mere weeks away from finalizing things, but you never know. I stay positive with my thoughts on the process. It being my first novel, there are many things I am learning as I go. I hold onto the lessons knowing that future books will now have something of a ‘blueprint’ to support their maturation. There’s excitement building in me on this. I guess the most important thing at this point is simply to keep going no matter what!

          I’m looking forward to more news from you too. Keep me ‘in the loop’ and I’ll do the same. Gracias, con mucho aprecio.



  2. Best wishes with the editing AND the novel, brave man! 🙂
    Passion boats make waves. I’ll rock your still waters.
    Edit after they’ve calmed. 😉 There’s a time for everything?


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