More of Caroline R. Young’s Beautiful Artwork: Reflections 2

nikon photography festival cherry blossom

This one’s called, Reflections 2

So, here’s hoping Caroline didn’t find my page until now! Why? well, it you take a look at the opening text of my first post praising her work, you’ll find I didn’t know Caroline’s full name! I do now and that, ultimately is what’s important. Even more important is honoring and highlighting the work of artists who inspire me. It’s one of the things I love most about having my own blog. I’ll try doing more of it as well as providing worthy links when I find them. If you go to the first of my Caroline posts, you’ll find a link to her main page with all kinds of info on who she is and what she does. Here it is again just because well, you know!

K.L. 2014


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