Urban Murals: The High Priestess Panel

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Beautiful high priestess panel on a city mural.

I’ve always been a fan of public artwork. A friend of mine, a phenomenal muralist by the name of Keith, let me ‘shadow’ him on a job he won a commission to do some years ago. The project was so large Keith had to have scaffolding rigged around it. One day he even asked me to do a small part. It didn’t take long for both Keith and I to realize mural work was not my thing so I gladly went back to being a fan for both of our sakes!

This mural, located in the Mission District of San Francisco, is reminiscent of Keith’s work. It’s a single panel of a larger work, work I’ve taken a few photos of for previous posts. Wanna see a few more murals located throughout S.F.? Check these out.

The Balmy Street Murals of the Mission District, which on my next visit to the city I will go see, can be checked out here

Murals are cool. Thanks to Keith, I have an even stronger appreciation for the extraordinary amount of work it takes to complete them. The photos I take and will continue to take can’t do full justice to the work of these artists.  Not every city has them, but if the city you’re nearest to or plan to visit does, make the time to support these artists!

UPDATE! So, I was contacted by the lovely and brilliant Gail Buteau at Full Moon Flight Studio. She wanted to reblog a post of mine!!! How cool is that? I of course said yes, then made my way over to her new site and… WOW! Great job, Gail! I’m looking forward to many more visits in the future.

I can also say I found another reason to highlight Gail’s site. She has a posting of some of the fantastic street murals out and about in San Diego! You can check her photos out here



8 thoughts on “Urban Murals: The High Priestess Panel

  1. Great post on San Fran’s murals. Have you seen the book “Street Art San Francisco – Mission Muralismo”, because I think you’d appreciate it as a guide on your explorations of the city. Also, have you heard about Batman Alley in Brazil? You should put it on your list as another place to journey to for exciting murals. Don’t forget to take your friend Keith!


    1. Hey, no I have not heard of this book!!! I will find it and yes, you’ll be seeing more results from that search, I promise! I also have not heard of ‘Batman Alley’ in Brazil! I will look that up as well. I can add the links I find for interested people to check out. I know Keith would enjoy it as much as i would… perfect excuse to go to Brazil for the first time! Thanks.


    1. I know, there’s something about these ‘larger than life’ pieces quietly taking over a street or some public space that would otherwise be kind of dull and lifeless! I really love it.


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